Diy toothpaste oil recipe

diy toothpaste oil

Sanitising and effective DIY Toothpaste oil

I love using this DIY toothpaste oil because it is refreshing, effective, and all natural. More and more people prefer custom-made beauty care products and this toothpaste oil is one of them.

Tooth-oil is a very popular bathroom item that many people prefer homemade. It is very easy, ready in two minutes, and without toxic chemicals, sugars, fillers or any other unhealthy additives.

Creating your custom-made beauty care products is all about preference; you can cherry-pick the ingredients that will determine every aspect of your DIY tooth-paste oil. It all depends on you and your families’ needs. You might want to take care of sensitive tooth, whitening or remineralization.

Some benefits of making DIY concoctions 

A nice side-effect is that making your own products is that they are kind to our environment, cost-effective and you can re-use your ingredients for other DIY concoctions.

Ditch the toxic chemicals 

As you already know, I am against the use of toxic chemicals and I will keep writing and share information about the long-term dangers of toxic chemicals. So let’s look at which ingredients to not use in this homemade toothpaste oil

Some of the ingredients are propylyne glycol, glycerin, saccharin, triclosan, sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), fluoride, and others. These ingredients are known to cause toxicity, neurological diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and even the death of brain cells and more.

If you would like to learn more about these dangerous chemicals, ensure to check out this and this page.

Essential oils for this DIY toothpaste oil

Peppermint, Tea Tree, lemon drops, cinnamon and clove (mix the essential oils you want to use before mixing in the carrier oil, as this improves the synergy of the oils).

Ingredients for this DIY toothpaste oil

  • 30 ML oil (emu oil, few drops of neem oil and some castor oil)
  • I use this in 5 % dilution this means  1oz = 30 ml = 600 drops of carrier oil
  • 5% of 600 drops is30
  • Add 30 drops of essential oil to 1oz of carrier oil

 Method for this DIY toothpaste oil 

  1. Add the essential oil mixture in a dark-tinted glass little bottle.
  2. Pour in a carrier oil and stir gently to combine the mixture.
  3. Don’t forget to stir gently before each future use as

Enjoy a toxin-free fresh mouthwash that will make your mouth feel refreshed as never before. 

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I hope you liked this toxin-free toothpaste oil recipe. If you would like to learn more about my tips and tricks on how I saved my hair from falling to regrowing shiny luscious locks ensure to check out other pages of this wellness platform.

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