Over-styling hair: toxic chemicals make your hair fall

Over-Styling Hair

Toxic chemicals and over-styling hair makes your hair fall out

Did you know that over-styling hair and using toxic chemicals makes your hair fall out? What does your natural hair look like? Chances are you don’t remember because it’s been coloured, cut or styled so much over the years!

These days you’ll rarely see someone step out with their ‘natural’ hair.

Over-styling hair, straightening, colouring, blow-drying and toxic chemicals contribute to thinning hair and hair loss. Yet we continue to put our hair through this torture. Despite knowing full the effect it can have in the long term!

We all want to look great and have great hair but you don’t need over-styling to achieve this

It’s unrealistic for me to tell you to stop styling your hair completely, but you have to stop over-styling hair, as it can cause lasting hair damage.

Experimenting with hair and beauty is fun, and it’s natural to want to look good. In fact, in today’s celebrity and social media-obsessed world, some would say it’s more important than ever.

Toxic chemicals in our haircare products can also do much more harm than good. And anything that places stress on the hair can be detrimental. Besides, over-styling hair can cause hair loss.

Over-styling hair: prevent lasting hair damage

When your hair is put through a lot of pulling or tension, it can cause thinning hair or actual hair loss. We see this a lot when people wear hair pieces, hats or have tight braids. This type of hair fall damage can be permanent.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, we will give you some “avoiding over-styling hair tips” below.

Here are some practical tips to avoid over-styling your hair:

First, enhance your natural hair. If you have curly hair don’t fight it but blow-drying it straight all the time. Embrace those curls by letting your hair dry naturally. Also run some oil through it while it’s still damp. This will stop it from becoming frizzy. Also, avoid brushing your hair as it will become a frizzy mess! Rake your fingers through your hair to remove any visible tangles. Which will help keep the curls in place.

Second, leave it out!  Tight ponytails are a leading cause of hair loss so limit how often your hair is up. If you need it to be tied for work or other purposes, then let it breathe. You can do this by taking it out as soon as you go home or opt for a plait. This is less harsh to the root and scalp.

Third, ditch your chemical dye and use henna or herbal plants instead. Natural henna is a great and completely natural way to dye your hair. Furthermore, I swear by it! To read more about henna hair dyes click here and here.

You see,  letting go of over-styling hair is not that difficult!

Toxic chemicals: read your shampoo labels carefully!

We all have our tried and tested favourite shampoo. Typically, we choose the one that smells good and leaves our hair feeling soft, shiny and tamed.

However, most of us have never thought about the toxic ingredients found in the hair products we love. I don’t blame you. Those labels are like foreign-language documents!

Too many commercial brands are guilty of using ingredients that wow your hair for a while. Unfortunately, eventually, strip it of moisture. They break down hair proteins and ultimately lead to severe damage. It can even cause serious health problems. We often hear about ingredients to stop eating. But why is it that we hear so little about the toxic chemicals we apply to our skin and hair?

Remember, our skin and hair absorb absolutely everything. We, especially women, use lots of chemicals on our bodies every single day. This leads to a lot of build up inside our bodies, which can advance into a host of health and endocrine problems.

As you see, over-styling hair is not only causing hair damage, but you also risk a host of other health issues.

Toxins and chemicals in hair products

A study of the National Academy of Sciences points out some crucial facts. Synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum (crude oil). Nearly 95 % of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances. These compounds include aldehydes, benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), toluene and other known toxic chemicals. Unfortunately,  these toxins and chemicals link to central nervous disorders. But, also cancer, congenital disabilities, and allergic reactions.

Unfortunately, 30 years later, toxic ingredients continue to turn up in products. We use and breathe in on a daily basis. Many toxic chemicals cause hair thinning and hair loss. Besides, they also make your hair fall out more than usual.


Fragrances are usually made up of a complex mix of chemicals. For example, a single fragrance can contain up to 3 thousand chemicals.  Fragrances are linked to breast cancer and reproductive problems. The average consumer is completely unaware of this. Many fragrances also irritate the scalp.

Fragrances absorb into the body and disrupt the endocrine system. They’re also known to cause weight gain. Pay attention when products list vague terms like ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ and avoid them.

Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) increases cancer risks

Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical found in hair dyes. It’s more prominent in dark-coloured hair dyes and it is toxic. Avoid this chemical at all costs. Research that has also shown that PPD leads to cancer when combined with hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide makes hair brittle and unattractive

Hydrogen peroxide is used popularly to bleach the hair. Although it is naturally available in small quantities in our bodies. It strips away at your natural hair colour before your chosen hair dye is applied. The adverse effects are lasting. Your hair becomes brittle, unattractive and difficult to style.

DMDM Hydantoin weakens the immune system

A chemical known as DMDM Hydantoin is found in many haircare products. The longer the chemical festers on shelves, the more harmful it becomes. With time, it releases formaldehyde, which irritates skin and weakens the immune system. Outside of haircare, DMDM hydantoin is used to kill stubborn organisms like yeast, fungus and bacteria.

Parabens are known to stimulate allergies, cancer and skin problems

By now, most of us have heard of parabens, methylparaben and propylparaben. These are toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing). Yet they are found in almost every commercial beauty product in existence.

They cause immune problems, mimic the hormone oestrogen and can stimulate allergies. They can also heavily irritate the skin.

Lead Acetate is highly poisonous

A common ingredient in hair dyes, especially dark hair colours, is lead acetate. As we all know, lead is highly poisonous. It can cause anaemia and severe neurological issues.

Lead is extremely toxic, yet it is still present in many homes. Traces of lead can be found in cosmetics, hair dye, batteries and pipes. It targets the nervous system, brain, kidneys, heart, and blood. According to the University of Michigan Health System, hair loss is also a symptom of lead exposure.

As we all know, lead is highly poisonous. It can cause anaemia and severe neurological issues; Many of our makeup products contain traces of lead. Lead is a proven neurotoxin. And is linked to miscarriage, fertility issues, and delaying puberty for females.

PHTHALATES could cause reproductive abnormalities, a decrease in testosterone

Phthalates can be found in nail polish, makeup products and deodorant. This chemical is thought to mimic the effect of hormones which could potentially cause endocrine disruptions. A study by the University of Maryland also found that exposure to phthalates could cause reproductive abnormalities. A decrease of testosterone in males and issues with male fertility.

There are also other harmful effects of phthalates. This includes infertility, decreased sperm count, breast cancer, endometriosis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, asthma, allergies and obesity.

Resorcinol devastating for immune system

Resorcinol is found in many haircare products. It can trigger allergies, it irritates the scalp and can have devastating effects on your endocrine system. Steer clear of this ingredient.

Synthetic Scents; They draw us in and kill us at the same time

You might be surprised to know that even the pleasant smell of perfume are tricky. The flowery scents can have devastating effects on your health. Commercial beauty products are always fragrant and pleasant smelling. The problem is that these attractive fragrances are synthetic and are made from chemicals.

Synthetic scents are extremely deceptive. They draw us in and kill us at the same time. They’re absorbed into the body and can disrupt the endocrine system. They are also known to cause weight gain. Pay attention when products list vague terms like, “fragrance” or “perfume” and avoid them.

FD&C COLOR PIGMENTS; affects the adrenal glands and bladder

Look at the back of your hair dye box and you’ll most likely see these artificial colour codes. These are usually followed by a colour and number. Most FD&C pigments are made with coal tar. And research shows that almost all of them are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). These synthetic colouring agents can also cause skin, scalp irritations and even oxygen depletion in the blood.

These chemicals are so toxic. So that the pigment FD&C Red #4 is no longer allowed to be used in food. This is because it affects the adrenal glands and bladder.

Ditch the Toxic Chemicals

It’s important for me to increase awareness of the many toxic chemicals. Global governments are not placing enough importance into this matter, and I find that worrying.

If you would like to read about the 55 hair loss causes, please ensure to check out this link.  

More about dangerous toxic chemical exposure, click here.  Or to discover more information about optimal health and living a holistic lifestyle, click here.

My favourite natural and toxin-free organic brands for my hair, skin and beauty care are:

  • Khadi: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Morrocco-Method: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Plant Therapy : Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Ancient Apothecary: Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Tata Harper:High Performing, innovative and toxin-free face care
  • Au Naturelle: Advanced, active & toxin-free make-up
  • Popy Austin:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils
  • Levenrose:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils

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Now, throughmy holistic wellness booksandanti-ageing health platform, I want to enlighten and empower people around the world do the same and regain their health, hair, life, vitality, confidence and beauty!

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