Wooden combs : top 15 hair benefits why you should use it

You will learn everything you need to know about wooden combs:

  • Wooden combs are one of the simplest changes for hair benefits
  • Wooden combs: pick the type that benefits your hair type
  • Top 15 hair benefits why you should make the switch today!
  • Daily wooden comb care.
  • Hair benefits and how to care for your wooden comb or brush
  • Removing grease build up on wooden hair tools

Wooden combs are an essential part of my hair care routine and in this article, I share with you the Top 15 hair benefits why you should a wooden comb or brush. Hair is an essential part of our beauty routine. Whether you’re a man or woman, chances are you try to take care of your hair so that it looks as good as possible.

a wooden comb is good for healthy hair

Although we all crave for healthy, beautiful hair, most of us end up doing more harm than good but piling on chemical-ridden products. We usually think it will help when, in reality, it just causes more damage.

Where do you start with naturally repairing your hair? One of the most straightforward changes for hair benefits you can make to you is to use a wooden comb or brush.

Wooden combs: Top 15 hair benefits why you should make the switch today!

  1. Wooden combs are gentler on the scalp than synthetic materials. Plastic combs or metal (god forbid) are harsh and can scrape and bruise the scalp.
  2. Sebum oils need to travel from your scalp to the ends of your hair. Combs made of wood are more efficient at distributing your natural oils throughout your hair.
  3. As children, we often enjoyed playing with static electricity in our hair. However, the reality is that static electricity can cause damage. Wooden hairbrushes and combs don’t conduct electricity, and so they protect your hair from static and damage.
  4. As you spend more time massaging and nurturing your scalp, you will become more sensitive to what feels right. Wooden combs feel better and gentler on your scalp than plastic combs. To make combing more enjoyable using a wooden comb and take the time to explore the comb as it moves across your scalp.
  5. Natural wood fibres aid in the conditioning of your hair. If you have incredibly long locks changes are the ends are quite dry. Wooden combs naturally bring oils from the scalp all the way to the tips of your hair.
  6. Dandruff can be a troubling condition for some. Massaging your scalp with a wooden comb is simple yet effective in treating dandruff. It stimulates natural scalp oils, which helps overcome a dry scalp and dandruff.
  7. The scalp contains a broad range of acupressure points. Combing with a wooden comb provides a massaging effect. It also stimulates blood flow and the scalp’s natural oils. It then moves oils along the full length of the hair shaft, giving you the healthiest looking hair possible.
  8. The foundation for hair that is long and strong is a healthy scalp. Wooden combs help cultivate a healthy scalp as they improve blood circulation, and in doing so, get nutrients to hair follicles.
  9. Wooden combs make your hair shinier and glossier due to the distribution of your hair’s natural sebum oils.
  10. Have you ever seen greasy hair? Not attractive, is it? Hair usually gets greasy because the scalp is producing oil but isn’t being efficiently distributed along the full length of the hair. Wooden combs are more efficient than synthetic combs at keeping the scalp free of oil.
  11. Wood is a natural material, so it’s less likely to stimulate any allergies you might have. Artificial and metal combs can aggravate certain skin conditions and allergies.
  12. Use a wooden comb when you blow-dry your hair to reduce the risk of overheating and hair damage. Wood does not conduct electricity, so it will remain fresh while you style your hair whereas metal combs warm-up and increase the heat load on your hair.
  13. A good quality wooden comb or brush can last a lifetime. They won’t deteriorate as quickly as a plastic comb.
  14. A healthy scalp means stronger and longer hair. The wooden brush stimulates blood circulation, so the hair follicles get enough essential nutrients. Since impurities are eliminated and sebum regulated, the hair growth process is encouraged too.
  15. When combing your hair with a wooden brush, the natural oils of the scalp gets distributed evenly, and the locks become shinier, glossier, and more radiant.

We recommend another type of comb for every hair type:

Wooden combs aren’t as readily available as their plastic counterparts. However, you can still find some online or in most department stores and on Amazon.

You can choose your comb based on your hair type or the styling you want to achieve. Wooden combs are such an easy tool to improve your hair and enjoy hair benefits from today

  • Any hair type:   Sandalwood Comb
  • Curly hair:   Short wide-tooth comb 
  • Long thick hair:   Wavy handle comb
  • Straight or wavy hair:   Fine-tooth wood comb
  • Straight or curved hair:   Wooden bristle hair Brush
  • Massage:   Curvy sandalwood comb
  • Massage:   Wooden bristle hair Brush

Buy a wooden comb and let it care for your hair for many years to come.

Hair benefits and how to care for your wooden comb or brush

When you invest in a wooden comb or brush, you’ll quickly see that it’s not just a comb, but a work of art! It is a tool that was crafted out of nature itself, and there is beauty in its design.

Taking care of your wooden haircare tools is quite simple. You should wash and disinfect them regularly and aim to keep them as dry as possible.

Daily wooden comb care

Remember to remove hair from your comb or brush after every use. Also, store your comb or brush on dry surfaces, as water can destroy the health of wood over time.

The bathroom can be one of the most humid rooms in your home. If you keep your comb in the bathroom, find a glass, open-mouthed jar, and use it to store your combs between uses.

Removing grease build up on wooden hair tools

You may notice that your comb needs cleaning when grease has built upon the outside. As you know, oils can be very stubborn, and it doesn’t come off by merely running the comb underwater.

To loosen and clean grease from wooden combs and brushes, soak them overnight in a solution of vinegar, tea tree oil, and water. In the morning, run the combs under warm water (not boiling), and the grease should run right off.

You can also use a small dollop of mild shampoo to remove stubborn grease. Then rinse your comb or brush thoroughly to remove any excess shampoo.

Hair Benefits: wooden combs and brushes

Try to keep your brushes and combs dry at all times. If they do happen to get wet, or if you’ve just washed them, dry it off with a clean towel and leave in an open-mouthed jar to dry, preferably a glass jar.

I hope you will enjoy your new wooden comb and that you can enjoy unique hair benefits soonest!

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