Birth control pills cause hair loss: the connection

birth control pills and hair loss is it permanent

Birth control pills cause hair loss: a billion dollar industry you should be aware of

First, birth control pills cause hair loss and other health problems.  Second, birth control pills and are part of a multi-billion industry. Further, millions and millions of women around the globe are prescribed the anti-conception pill each year. Unfortunately, only very few are mindful of the fact that oral contraceptives have consequences. Furthermore, they are a common trigger of hair loss and other health disorders.

Most women are not well informed about the fact that birth control pills cause hair loss

The FDA approved this drug in 1960.  Since then, oral contraceptives have become one of the most popular forms of birth control used today. And this is a billion-dollar industry people, from which many women are not well-informed about. Notably, the health consequences these tiny pills may have are enormous.

Women who are hypersensitive to the hormonal changes or females who are predisposed to hormonally related hair loss may experience hair loss to varying degrees while on anti-contraceptives. The American Hair Loss Association believes that it is imperative for all women to be informed. In particular to those who have a history of hair loss in their families. This is because by taking the birth control pill there may be devastating side effects to the healthy hair cycle growth. So it is worthwhile considering some safer anti-conception.

Birth control pills have devastating side-effects, including hair loss

This is because by taking the birth control pill there may be devastating side effects to the healthy hair cycle growth. So it is worthwhile considering some safer anti-conception.

Health writer Suzy Cohen, also known as ‘America’s Pharmacist’, talks about the unlikely link between the birth control pill, plastic bottles and hypothyroidism.

She says  “drinking from plastic water bottles, or taking the pill can cause hypothyroidism by raising levels of oestrogen hormone in your body. The same can be said about menopause drugs which contain the same synthetic oestrogen ingredients. These hormones – no matter how you get them – just so happen to raise your body’s level of oestrogen. When you have high oestrogen, you have too many transporters or taxis that can bind up your active thyroid hormone. Making it less available to get inside trillions of cells where it revitalises you.”

 “The taxi cabs in your bloodstream that I’m talking about are scientifically called ‘thyroid binding globulin’ or TBG. This is the name of a specific transporter that drives your thyroid hormone around and then drops it off at your cells. The high oestrogen raises TBG and that lowers your thyroid hormone activity. The simple fix is to drink from glass bottles and use alternative methods to birth control pills.”

You are in control of your own health and life

Cohen goes on and says: “You are in control of your life, and your body. It’s up to you to be your own health advocate and fight for yourself! You are just one of several hundreds of patients to your physician, but you are special to your kids and spouse and you need to think about what’s best for yourself.

“Never resign yourself to symptoms that leave you feeling less than healthy, sexy and energetic. I honestly believe that no matter how hard it has been for you, you can make a new choice and lose weight, look beautiful and live the life you imagine!”

I took the birth control pill for two months and my sex drive was absent!

My opinion on the contraceptive pill is: THINK TWICE. I’d look for other gentler alternatives that won’t disrupt the natural hormonal flow of your monthly period. Taking the pill can lead to so many adverse effects on a woman’s body. I once took the pill for two months. It was at the age of 18 and I had a very strong reaction to it. My mood was monotonous and my sex drive absent. That’s when I made the decision to never take it again.

Don’t let anybody else be responsible for your health other than you!

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