Diy disinfecting cleaning spray

Discover this DIY disinfecting cleaning spray

DIY disinfecting cleaning spray is a great tool to help keep your surfaces clean and fresh. As you already noticed, I use essential oils for nearly everything. 

As you all know by now, eliminating toxic chemicals is an integral part of my daily living, this also goes for cleaning my house.

Commercial cleaning products make me feel sick and I can’t stand the artificial smell it produces. 

essential oil mix for disinfectingDisinfecting is not the same as cleaning

Disinfecting is not similar to cleaning, as sanitizing kills germs and bacteria so that they are unable to reproduce. Cleaning is not removing germs that might hang around.
In my house, everything is disinfected, not cleaned with commercial products that make me feel nauseous.

So let’s look at this fantastic DIY disinfecting spray with antibacterial essential oils that smells delicious and kills those stubborn germs and save your family from flu during winter months. 

Essential oils you need for this recipe

Peppermint, Tea Tree, lemon, lemongrass, cinnamon, lavender, and clove.

Ingredients for this DIY disinfecting cleaning spray

• 180 ml of distilled water
• I use this with a 5 % dilution and this means depending
on the dilution, you will use, up to 180 drops of essential oils on 180 ml distilled
water (or 3600 drops of water)
• You can use all these oils to clean your floors too.

 Method for this DIY disinfecting cleaning spray

1. Add the essential oil mixture in a dark-tinted glass spray bottle.
2. Pour in the distilled water and shake to combine the mixture.
3. Don’t forget to stir before each future use as the oils and water will naturally separate over time.
4. Enjoy your non-toxic, fresh smelling and sanitized home from today

I hope you enjoyed this DIY disinfecting cleaning spray recipe with essential oils, let your house smell amazing. 

And without toxic chemicals! 

Kisses and happy sanitizing 

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