Jade Egg For Unlocking Your Sexual Potential In Your Yoni

Jade Egg

To Jade egg or not to Jade egg?

Since Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting Jade Eggs on her website, there’s been quite a controversy about its practices. Many people claim that using a Jade egg is ineffective and even dangerous.

Often people who protest against holistic health tools, never really tried it properly themselves and don’t fully understand its uses and benefits.

I have been using a Jade Egg for more than a decade and I haven’t felt any side-effects, only benefits.

Now, what is a Jade Egg?

A Yoni Jade egg is a stone that trains the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle group has the ability to repair, strengthen and regenerate themselves in a short period of time.

This process brings unique benefits to your overall health and sexual experiences, no matter your physical condition or age.

Why is the pelvic floor so important?

The pelvic floor area supports our organs, sexual pleasure and intensity of orgasms, and it also helps us control retention and excretion.

Keeping the pelvic floor area trained is critical to maintaining optimal health and functioning.

Let’s discover more about this well-kept Jade Egg secret

Unlock your sexual potential with a Jade Egg 

Using a Jade egg while exercising with the kegel balls can help you gain control over the multiple muscles inside your yoni, which are responsible for your orgasm intensity.

Strengthening this area will help you experience multiple, intense orgasms, creating more intimacy and pleasure between you and your partner. Or intimate time just on your own works too.

Optimal Vaginal Wellness

These wonderful 100% natural stone Jade eggs will also help you tighten your pubococcygeal muscles. This is a very important muscle that supports your bladder function, keep your vagina moisture, helps relieve vaginal pain and supports faecal transit. 

A Yoni egg also works postpartum birth recovery and helps it to tighten again. Toning these muscles also helps reduce menopausal symptoms, cramps and breast discomforts.

Keep your femininity alive

Our Yoni is a sacred space that we need to treasure like a very expensive piece of jewellery.

Practising with Jade eggs comes with many health benefits, but will also help you develop an intimate bond with your inner you and your sexual organs.

Jade eggs help discover your hidden and powerful energy and nourish the feminine essence and bring radiance to your body, skin and aura. 
Awaken your female sexuality and unveil the wonderful health benefits that this mind-body-soul connection has to offer.

So, why does using natural stone matter?

According to traditional Taoist practice, using a pure jade stone is critical because of its energy. Natural Jade stones are believed to help with healing the body, balance and regeneration.

This is what is making the practice holistic to preserve the connection between mind-body-soul. Which is very much aligned with the arts of reflexology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.

Keeping your Jade egg clean is important!

  • Keeping your Jade egg is super important for keeping the balance in vagina healthy. We don’t want to introduce harmful bacteria.
  • Only clean it with liquids or soaps you would use on your most sensitive area. Something natural, organic and not irritating.
  • Sterilize it with 3 to 4 drops food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water. If you have ozone water on hand, that works too.
  • Dip the Jade egg in water that has just boiled
  • Finish it off with some colloidal silver spray

Is using a Jade egg for your yoni dangerous?

As with all ancient and precious holistic healing tools, the practice can be dangerous if these tools are implemented without the proper instructions.
Buy your stones from trusted and qualified practitioners or sources.

A Jade egg can get stuck between the cervix and the posterior wall of the vagina. To avoid this, only use Jade eggs that are drilled on one end so you can tie a string to pull them out after usage.

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