Mineral deficiencies: effects on hair and health

Mineral Deficiencies


Find out how this also has an effect on your hair

Mineral deficiencies in the body also affect your hair and wreak havoc on your health. Your hair reveals a lot about the state of our health.

But keeping your hair healthy isn’t so easy. Especially when external factors like pollution, stress, processed foods, unhealthy diets, chemical treatments and harsh products interfere.

Moreover, if you expose your hair to any of these factors, chances are it’s lifeless, dull and limp.

Our bodies rely on many minerals to function

Like any other tissue in the body, skin and hair are reliant upon a broad spectrum of nutrients to maintain normal, healthy function. Notably, the most vital nutrient for our locks are proteins.

Furthermore, certain amino acids are assimilated out of proteins and are the core building blocks of keratin – the substance from which hair is build.

How mineral deficiencies in the body have effects on hair.

Other important nutrients for luscious, long hair are minerals which have essential functions in the body. All vitamins, amino-acids, enzymes, fats, sugars, oils and so on, require minerals for proper assimilation in our bodies. To clarify, every cell depends on the presence and actions of these precious minerals.

According to Ayurvedic doctors, Dr Shah, mineral imbalances in the body are by far the most common cause of chronic disease, including hair loss and problematic effects on hair.

In conclusion, the best way to check your mineral content in your body is by doing a Hair Mineral Analysis. Additionally, it’s important to know if the minerals are a certain ratio to each other, as too much from one particular mineral can cause imbalances in other minerals.

Which kind of diets cause mineral deficiencies in the body?

Moreover, a diet that consists of alcohol, unprocessed and refined foods can cause mineral imbalances in the body. Additionally, malabsorption of food and even the soil that foods grow on can have an impact on our health and cause mineral imbalances.

Equally important, emotional or physical stress depletes your body of minerals and other vitamins. Even prescription and over the counter medications can affect your mineral balance. These include birth control pills, aspirins, anti-acids, diuretics, etc.

Our body is exposed to many toxic sources that cause mineral deficiency

With this in mind, today we are exposed to many toxic metal sources. These sources include cigarette smoke, hydrogenated oils (nickel), antiperspirants (aluminium), hair dyes (lead), dental amalgams (mercury and cadmium), copper and aluminium cookware and lead-based cosmetics.

However, these are just a few of the sources that can contribute to metabolic imbalances.

Lastly, incorrect use of nutritional supplements or inherited patterns toward certain imbalances, deficiencies, etc can also play a part.

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