Safe Shampoo ingredient list; toxin-free and wow your hair

Here is a safe shampoo ingredient list that will nourish and wow your hair 

I started using the safe shampoo ingredient list a few years ago when I suffered from thinning, lifeless hair that was falling out at a rapid rate.

Enough was enough – I decided to take drastic action and switched to a completely natural, non-toxic, healthy and holistic hair care and health routine. The results were astounding, and after a lot of hard work, my hair is now more robust and glossier than ever before!

Organic haircare company Hairprint has reproduced* Parts of this list.toxin free shampoo list




Amla is a safe shampoo ingredient that is a powerful nutritious anti-ageing herb.

Amla is a berry that grows in Asia. It’s also known as Indian Gooseberry. Centuries of tradition have taught Indian people the nutritious benefits that Amla has on the hair. Alma is also known as a fruit of heaven, loaded with phytonutrients, minerals and antioxidants.

Indian people also view Amla as an anti-ageing herb, and Ayurvedic practitioners believe that regular use prevents the ageing process. Amla contains thousands of nutrients and is more potent than pomegranates and acai. It has 17 times the antioxidants of pomegranates and twice that of acai berries. It also contains amino acids, minerals and vitamin C in high concentrations. It’s also known to contain ellagic acid, emblicanin A and B, gallic acid, kaempferol, and quercetin.

This is a truly ‘super-ingredient’ and every part of it is useful! The seed, leaves, bark and flowers are all used for a range of Ayurvedic treatments. When used on hair, Amla can help heal and soothe the scalp and other issues related to it, such as dandruff, itchiness and dryness. It’s also powerful enough to penetrate deep into the hair, helping it to become stronger, softer and healthier.

Shikakai powder cleanses the hair and prevents it from falling 

Shikakai has been used for centuries in Asia for hair health. It cleans hair and prevents it from falling out. It also treats dandruff, which is also known to cause hair loss. Massaging this powder into your hair can promote growth and strengthen the roots.

Typically, Shikakai powder is added to water and then massaged into the hair and scalp. To enjoy the full benefits, leave the dust on your hair 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Shikakai, Reetha, and Amla can be mixed to produce a moisturising, nourishing natural shampoo or cleanser. I use this combination once or twice a week. I always use Shikakai powder to wash my hair before tinting it with Henna.

Reetha powder is a safe shampoo ingredient and the natural queen of Saponins. 

Reetha, Queen of Saponins, is a fruit that has been used in soaps for centuries. It’s natural cleansing properties were discovered many years ago.

Those suffering from hair loss will love Reetha. It’s great for the hair because it is an anti-microbial and an anti-inflammatory. Both of these qualities mean it can be used to heal scalp problems without causing harm. Saponins that naturally occur in Reetha bring about natural foaming and effervescence. This helps removes stubborn grease from hair and skin on contact.

Aloe Vera is an essential holistic hair loss treatment. 

Aloe Vera contains many healing properties and is an essential part of a holistic treatment for hair loss. It’s an excellent ingredient to maintain a healthy scalp and is conducive to prevent hair loss. For centuries Aloe Vera has also been used to cure ailments. If you’re in search of a natural remedy for hair loss, try applying Aloe Vera and you’ll begin to see results after consistence use of a couple of months!

It also helps eliminate seborrhoea and dandruff. It stimulates hair growth, unclogs hair pores, and keeps scalp and hair moisturised. You can also use Aloe Vera to balance the pH of hair and to improve its appearance. 

Bamboo ferment supplies shine and slipt to the hair. 

This is a fermented form of macerated bamboo. The leaves and stalks are first shredded and pulped. Lactobacillus is then added to create bio-available silicate for the hair and bio-chelated antioxidants for the follicle and cells. Silica is a critical micronutrient for the hair, and no plant contains more than bamboo. It is a natural and safe shampoo ingredient that also supplies shine and slip to the hair.

Disodium EDTA 

This specialised salt has been used as medicine and for preserving food, but it can also help to remove the build-up of minerals in your hair, caused by washing it with hard water.

Elderberry extract 

This ingredient is full of anthocyanins and phenolic antioxidants, which can help maintain a healthy scalp.

Evening primrose oil to help prevent hair loss 

Did you know that the human body can’t produce fatty acids? That’s why it’s so important to ensure we get it from our food, supplements and even shampoo! Evening Primrose oil is packed with fatty acids, such as gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which is incredibly potent and can help to prevent hair loss.

Gotu Kola 

Gotu Kola, also known as Brahmi, can be used as a massage oil for the scalp. This herb has been used for centuries. Simply add it to one of your favourite oils and apply to your scalp.

Green coffee extract is a safe shampoo ingredient that also acts as a stimulant and helps combat hair loss. 

This antioxidant is slowly gaining momentum as the ‘next big thing’ and rightly so! Rich in Phytosterols, green coffee can act as a scalp stimulant. It can also help treat hair loss and thinning, as well as reducing inflammation.

Hemp seed oil prevents split ends and breakage.

The oil extracted from hemp seeds are excellent for moisturising hair and can help prevent split ends and breakage, especially if you have very long hair.

Hibiscus petals hair growth stimulant 

Hibiscus petal is an Ayurvedic ingredient, commonly used as a hair growth stimulant. And when combined with Amla, it makes an excellent conditioner.

Japanese Bloodgrass 

This ingredient contains potassium which helps keep hair nourished and super soft.

Lactic acid exfoliant for removing dead skin cells 

You might have heard of this safe shampoo ingredient as it’s usually used to make milk sour, through the fermentation of lactose. It also makes an exfoliant for removing dead skin cells from the scalp, and a pH adjuster for our shampoo.

Mafura butter for hair elasticity and structure 

Derived from the Cape Mahogany tree, this wild-harvested butter is a very indulgent ingredient! It’s an incredibly creamy texture, and moisturising properties make it perfect for improving your hair’s elasticity and structure.

Moisturise and rejuvenate with meadowfoam seed oil

This cold-pressed oil is derived from the seeds of Limnanthes alba, a small plant found in California. It’s perfect for the scalp and hair as it helps to moisturise and rejuvenate.

Hair elasticity with murumuru butter 

Extracted from a palm fruit in the Brazilian rainforest, Murumuru is a safe shampoo ingredient with a thick and creamy butter feel. It contains eight (yes, eight!) essential acids that provide elasticity and conditioning to the hair

Pea peptide Pisum sativum 

This ingredient acts as a protein for the hair, creating more volume and strength. This safe shampoo ingredient is also hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Pomegranate enzyme removes build-up from the scalp 

Pomegranate Enzymes[/easyazon_link] are created by fermenting parts of the pomegranate fruit and skin. It works as a gentle exfoliant that cleanses the scalp and removes build up on the hair.

Rose of Jericho 

Similar to Pea Peptide the is a great conditioner. It’s also gentle enough to help heal wounds and soothe an itchy, irritated scalp.

Saw Palmetto extract

The Saw Palmetto berry has over 100 bioactive compounds, a wealthy assortment of fatty acids, plant sterols, and flavonoids. It’s also thought to stop hair loss by lowering levels of DHT, the hormone that causes our follicles to stop producing hair.

Sea Buckthorn fruit helps prevent hair loss.

This superfood contains over 190 biologically active compounds and is believed to help prevent hair loss and premature greying.

Shea oil helps prevents hair breakage. 

Shea oil is known for its moisturising properties as it’s packed with stearic, linoleic and oleic acids. It also contains phenolic compounds – a potent antioxidant. This oil can soften dry cuticles and help prevent breakage.

Ungurahui extraordinary healing properties for the hair and scalp 

Popular in the Amazon jungle, this light green and yellow liquid that is has been used for centuries to maintain beautiful, healthy hair. It contains many extraordinary moisturising and healing properties for the hair and scalp.

White mulberry root strengthens hair and heals the scalp. 

This ingredient has been passed down in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is thought to strengthen the hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

Willow bark extract 

This ingredient contains salicylates that reduce inflammation in the skin cells and promotes clean, clear, smooth skin.

Essential oils to regrow healthy and robust hair 

I’m a big advocate of essential oils which contain many nutrients to help hair grow and remain strong and healthy. However, this potent ingredient should be used in low quantities. I like to mix a few drops essential oils teamed up with a ‘carrier’ oil (such as in a blend of Castor, Rose-hip, Argan and Emu-Oil) to enjoy its full benefits.

Fenugreek seeds to help increase blood flow and circulation 

Fenugreek seeds come from a plant and have a sweet-smelling fragrance that is incredibly calming. To use fenugreek on your hair, soak the seeds for at least six hours or overnight. Grind the soaked seeds into a paste and apply to your scalp. The vitamin-packed fenugreek seeds increase blood flow and circulation in the scalp, and it feeds the hair follicles to restore their health and functioning. Those suffering hair loss should see a marked improvement with consistent use of fenugreek.

Rosehip oil to fight hair loss causing oxidants

Antioxidants occur naturally in rosehip oil, which allows it to fight those hair-loss, causing oxidants. Free radicals cause oxidants to build up from just about everything your hair is exposed to, such as second-hand smoke, pollution, the environment and stress.

Emu oil for a healthy scalp and regrow hair 

Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory that’s absorbed well by human skin and can contribute to a healthy scalp as it can penetrate deep within. And, as an emulsifier, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily.

Ginger for hair growth 

Ginger is excellent for hair growth as it has a stimulating impact on blood flow when applied to the scalp. It increases blood flow and carries nutrients to the hair to help it grow. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory.

Rosewater to help repair damage 

Rosewater stabilises the pH balance of hair, helping to repair any damage. It also reduces dandruff from fungal infections. It’s also an anti-inflammatory with natural antiseptic properties.

Orange blossom water 

Orange blossom water is a natural ingredient found in many hair care products. As well as having a beautiful scent, it can be used to condition and strengthen hair, and to make it shiny and lustrous.

Castor oil 

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds and has many health benefits, including reinforcing your immune system. 

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I hope you liked this safe shampoo ingredient list. If you would like to learn more about regrowing hair naturally or holistic living and clean beauty lifestyle, ensure to check out other pages of this anti-ageing wellness platform.

For a few years, I suffered from thinning, lifeless hair that was falling out at a rapid rate.

Enough was enough – I decided to take drastic action and switched to a completely natural, non-toxic, healthy and holistic hair care and health routine. The results were astounding, and after a lot of hard work, my health and hair are now more robust and glossier than ever before!

Now, through my holistic wellness books and anti-ageing health platform, I want to empower people around the world do the same and regain their health, hair, life, vitality, confidence and beauty!

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