Aloe Vera – The goddess of health, skin and hair growth 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera: the holistic treatment for hair loss and many health ailments 

Aloe vera contains many healing properties and is an important part of a holistic treatment for hair loss. It’s an excellent ingredient to maintain a healthy scalp and is conducive to prevent hair loss. For centuries aloe vera has been used to cure ailments. If you’re in search of a natural remedy for hair loss try applying aloe vera and you’ll begin to see results after a few months of consistent use.

Aloe Vera gel consists of 96% of water, 18 amino-acids, choline, niacinamide, and over 200 invigorating phytonutrients that heal many skin conditions. Aloe Vera can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and is an excellent moisturiser that can remove dead skin cells, counteract free-radicals and prevents signs of ageing.

Eliminate  seborrhoea and dandruff with Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera also helps eliminate seborrhoea and dandruff. It stimulates hair growth, unclogs hair pores, and keeps scalp and hair moisturised. You can also use aloe vera to balance the pH of hair and to improve its appearance.

Aloe Vera is a plant with a history of healing for many centuries. Deep inside the plant lies a nutrient-rich gel that can be used in all types of skin and haircare products.

Its inner gel contains amino acids, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids that heal. The main compound of the aloe juice, mucopolysaccharides, are one of the primary substances of the fillers of the spaces between the human cells in our bodies – like a mortar that binds humans’ cells. When it receives this mortar continuously the body’s toxic waste eliminates and regenerates.

Strengthen your immunity with Polyuronide, a compound of the Aloe Vera Plant 

Polyuronide belongs to the group of polysaccharides and scientific research proves that this compound is one of the most important substances for our immune system; it’s no wonder that this plant is called the gift of Venus, Goddess of Love!

Aloe vera is also a key ingredient in combatting hair loss, and I use it for my natural hair care routine regularly.

How Aloe Vera can help combat hair loss 

I like Aloe Vera, not just for its ability to heal and potency, but also because it’s so inexpensive and accessible. In case you live in sunnier climes, you could even grow it yourself in your garden! Aloe Vera stops hair loss, feeds the scalp and hair follicles, thus stimulating the growth of hair.

Aloe Vera can be used to treat dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis (chronic itchy skin condition). With these health conditions, the pores of the scalp can often get clogged, which creates a myriad of problems related to thinning hair and hair loss. When your pores are clogged, hair oils cannot reach the hair, so it becomes weak, and it breaks off. Aloe vera treats conditions that clog the scalp. It also balances the oils on the scalp ensuring that sebum oils can be excreted and that they can flow along the full length of your locks.

Choline Salicylate is the main ingredient in aloe vera, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties. As aloe vera is applied to the hair, it heals irritations and reduces pain and swelling. Another substantial property of aloe vera is Mucopolysaccharide. It is rich in chondroitin sulphate, which naturally heals wounds. It also moisturises and helps improve circulation of blood flow to the scalp.

Leave aloe vera on your hair for just 45 minutes, and you’ll see some of these benefits almost instantly. As with most treatments, you must apply aloe vera consistently over time to see its benefits. A one-time application will only have temporary advantages, if at all. After about three weeks, you will begin to experience relief from scalp conditions. With continued use, your scalp should clear up and hair will start to re-grow.

NOTE: Since going completely natural with my haircare and making some small lifestyle changes I can see new hairs shooting like grass through my scalp. I use my homemade aloe vera serum at least once a week.

Remember – always treat whatever underlying condition might have caused your hair loss first. As discussed before, this could be a host of things such as stress, infection, illness, and a lack of nutrition. After a few months of using aloe vera you should begin to see some regrowth. As the scalp regains its health, your hair will start to grow back.

Rumours, facts & myths about Aloe Vera 

  • Aloe Vera is a durable plant that can survive and thrive in the harshest of environments 
  • Aloe Vera has powerful medicinal qualities that have brought it from being simply a wild plant to a profitable, marketable
  • Aloe Vera contains three distinct It is in the 3rd layer that the nutrition-filled gel is held that we use for all kinds of hair conditioning.
  • Arabic Cultures have long considered aloes to be somewhat of a lucky charm. They had a tradition of hanging Aloe on the door of those who had completed their journey to
  • People of Arabic descent were the first to commercialise In fact, the word Aloe comes from “alloeh”, an Arabic word.
  • The historical literature mentions that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, knew of the Aloe Vera and its healing
  • Christopher Columbus is said to have brought Aloe Vera all the way from Spain to Central America. He is said to have introduced it to the Mayans and Cuban
  • Northern Europe eventually discovered the healing benefits of Aloe Vera due to writings of ancient Grecians, Romans and
  • Aloe Vera is said to have been one of Cleopatra’s She is said to have placed Aloe Vera leaves in her baths, and certain aloe extracts on her eyes.
  • 3rd-degree burns can be treated with Aloe Vera, according to an article in The Industrial Medicine and Surgery

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For a few years, I suffered from thinning, lifeless hair that was falling out at a rapid rate and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue, conditions where the thyroid is affected. I had no energy, was exhausted, desperate, and my weight had sky-rocketed.

Enough was enough – I decided to take drastic action and switched to a completely natural and holistic lifestyle, and I also changed the way I eat. The results were astounding, and after a lot of hard work, my health and hair are now healthier and glossier than ever before!

Now, through my holistic wellness books and anti-ageing health platform, I want to enlighten and empower people around the world do the same and regain their health, hair, life, vitality, confidence and beauty!

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