Bone broth recipe: a centuries old remedy

bone broth recipe

Bone broth recipe

This bone broth recipe is a centuries-old remedy, that’s evolved from pre-historic drink to a popular, trendy beverage! I’ve mentioned bone broth and its benefits SO many times in this book and this is the recipe that I always use.

This delicious drink has gained even more popularity in recent years since the emergence of new diets like Paleo, Keto and Gap.

An ancient, traditional food; bone broth is touted for its health benefits.  Many trained chefs and Michelin Star restaurants even use it as a base for fine cuisines.  It’s extremely healthy, delicious, and turns many dishes into a real treat!

Before the industrial revolution, bone-broth was simmering all the time 

Before the industrial revolution and the invention of bouillon cubes, many families kept broth simmering on the stove all the time. This provided a natural base for soups and quick medicine when a family member was under the weather. In pre-industrial society, the preparation of the whole animal, including the use of bones for broth, was customary.

Our great-grandmothers would probably laugh at the idea that bone broth is a popular drink today since they’ve been using it for decades. They knew how easy, healthy, inexpensive and tasty broth was, and what a versatile source of nutrients it is. This nutrient dense liquid is rich in proteins, gelatine and contains trace amounts of minerals too.

Ingredients for this bone broth recipe

  • bones (any bones you like)
  • garlic
  • onion
  • ginger
  • Himalayan salt

Cherry-pick the bones you like for your bone broth recipe 

You can use any bones you like, but I usually mix lambs heads, beef-feet and a beef marrow bone. These provide me with an excellent source of
collagen and gelatine to replenish my body of these important nutrients. I’ve mentioned bone broth and its benefits SO many
times in this book and this is the recipe that I always use. If you’re not a fan of meat you can find many recipes on the internet for chicken broth, fish, or any bones you like. I remember, when I was first making beef-feet, I found it looked disgusting and my then boyfriend back was always saying to me: “don’t you dare to serve any kind of meal that includes this!”

Method for this bone broth recipe

1. Put your preferred bones in a pot (some people choose to slightly bake the bones first
in the oven, but I don’t do this) and cover with filtered water.
2. Add a lot of garlic and Himalayan salt. I can’t say how much as it really depends on
your taste, and how much you are making. I am a salty person, and I have learned that
healthy salts are good to eat when you have chronic fatigue. It also healed my chronic
urine problem, where I had to pee every 15 – 30 minutes, even at nights. That was awful.
3. Some ginger
4. You can add more herbs and vegetables to the broth, but I like to keep it simple and easy.
5. Add some apple cider vinegar, and leave to soak for approx. one hour, without putting the stove on.
6. Put the stove on a medium heat and let the broth heat up until it starts boiling slowly. I
let it boil for a couple of minutes and then turn the stove back to very low.

Simmer simmer for at least 24 hours 

7. Leave to simmer for 24 to 48 hours.
8. Add purified water regularly so it doesn’t dry out.
9. After 24 to 48 hours, filter out the bones and keep the bouillon in glass containers
(never add warm broth in plastic containers, as you will be eating a lot of crap that way!)
10. In the refrigerator, you can keep broth for approx. one week, in the freezer much longer.
11. When the broth has cooled off, it should have the consistency of thick gelatine – that’s
when you know that you’ve made a successful and healthy batch of pure gelatine and
12. Good luck and bon appetit!

Empowering others via my anti-ageing wellness platform and holistic health books

I hope you liked this bone broth recipe. If you would like to learn more about holistic living and clean beauty lifestyle, ensure to check out other pages of this anti-ageing wellness platform.

I changed the way I eat in 2011 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue, conditions where the thyroid is affected. I had no energy, was exhausted, desperate, and my weight had sky-rocketed.

Because of that, I decided to ditch sugars, processed foods, grains, dairy and toxic chemicals. And step-by-step, I introduced a whole-foods-based (first Paleo) and later an AIP (autoimmune protocol) friendly ketogenic approach to food which gave me my life, vitality, happiness and energy back!

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