Posture, head muscles and their impact on hair growth

Head Muscles

Head muscles & their impact on hair growth 

Did you know that posture and head muscles can affect hair growth?

Exercising the muscles in your face (including the temporal, auricular, and eyebrow muscles), can promote blood circulation near the scalp, encouraging hair to grow faster and stronger. Studies indicate that this can also help convert DHT (the hormone that plays havoc with hair) into testosterone.

One reason for hair loss is that the follicles sometimes close up. Targeted muscle movements can help open the capillaries within the follicles, which allows nutrients to access this area and begin generating hair again.

The less you use your head and facial muscles, the more stiff and weak they become, causing the capillaries to close up. That’s why it’s so important to understand our facial muscles and how they impact the scalp.

The occipital frontalis is crucial in helping hair growth

One muscle, which is crucial in helping hair growth is the occipital-frontalis. This controls the elasticity of the connective fibres in our head. It’s immense and stretches from the bottom of the forehead to the crown of the head. This muscle also helps the scalp to move, as does the amount of blood flowing towards it.

However, for the blood to flow towards the scalp, there needs to be enough oxygen. Our muscles contain a protein called myoglobin, which releases oxygen and causes the glucose reaction that triggers blood flow. To increase blood flow towards the scalp, you will need to increase the movement throughout the head and face significantly.

Posture and its impact on your hair growth 

All the muscles in our bodies are connected, but the ones that have an effect on the circulation to our scalp might not be initially obvious.

In particular, having good posture and taking care of our back muscles can have an enormous effect on how well the occipital-frontalis muscle functions.

Bad posture causes the muscles in our back to tighten up. Through the chain, our facial and head muscles can also tense up in response. If this happens continuously, it could eventually cause those blood-carrying capillaries in the hair follicle to close up, hindering hair growth.

Mastering  good posture can be difficult, but there are some basic steps you can take 

Firstly, keep the neck straight as this will align the head properly. You’ll need to keep your torso completely straight as well. If you tend to slouch a lot try to lean slightly backwards. Finally, try to align your lower stomach with your hips, as this promotes good elasticity throughout the entire spine.

Good posture is something that we should try to always think about – even when we sleep! The best position is to lay on your back as this can help align your spine. If you sleep on your side, try using a pillow so that your neck isn’t bent over or stretched too far up.

Good posture requires discipline and you’ll need to make a dedicated effort to work on it continuously. As well as posture, the movement of our forehead and facial muscles is just as important.

Incorporating yoga into your exercise routine is a great way to work on your posture and blood circulation. Check on Google for sequences that stimulate growth and improve posture.

A faulty bite can also affect hair growth 

A faulty bite can also affect our body and cause issues such as a misaligned vertebra, leading to back, neck and shoulder problems. One way to correct this is by wearing braces, which I am doing at the moment. If you have problems with neck or shoulders, it might be an indication that your upper jaw does not fit properly to your under jaw.

Vera Peiffer, the author of Regrowing Hair Naturally, discusses the benefits of using an ALF device. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an orthodontic dentist in my area who has experience with these devices, so I use lingual braces instead.

The ALF brace is made of a light, flexible wire which is looped around one of your back teeth. It treats misaligned and malformed jaws and can help correct cranial strain, enhancing the rhythmic movement of skull bones. Treatment takes around 18 to 48 months. The brace is invisible and won’t affect your speech.

You can find out more about the device by looking up Dr Ljuba Lemke, who is the leading expert in ALF treatments.

Teeth and mouth hygiene is an essential of body care and healing 

A note on teeth-hygiene: your mouth is an essential part of your body, and many diseases start from the mouth. Ensure to maintain excellent hygiene of your mouth. This includes flossing, brushing, regular professional cleanings to remove tartar and plaque buildup.

As I am wearing braces for the next two years coming, flossing with a thread is impossible.

I am using a device called “Waterpik’. It provides a constant water flow at different speeds, ensuring your mouth and gums are clean. I love this little machine; it keeps my mouth super fresh.

Empowering others via my anti-ageing wellness platform and holistic health books

I hope you liked this post about posture, head muscles and hair growth. If you would like to learn more about regrowing hair naturally or holistic living and clean beauty lifestyle, ensure to check out more pages of this anti-ageing wellness platform.

For a few years, I suffered from thinning, lifeless hair that was falling out at a rapid rate.

Enough was enough – I decided to take drastic action and switched to a completely natural, non-toxic, healthy and holistic haircare and health routine. The results were astounding, and after a lot of hard work, my health and hair are now healthier and glossier than ever before!

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