Reverse hair washing: for thicker, smooth and bouncy hair

I discovered reverse hair washing one and a half years ago, and it has transformed my hair. Since adopting this new technique, my hair is more increased in volume, shiny, vibrant, bouncy, and stronger than ever before. In fact, I use this method almost every time I wash my hair!

oil treatment is healthy for the hairWhat is reverse hair washing?

Reverse hair washing is a very simple concept.  Just like the name implies, you wash your hair in reverse.  Rather than shampoo and condition hair, you condition your hair first, and then shampoo.

Benefits of reverse washing include more volume, less damage, no clogged follicles, and scalp dryness. This process reduces the risk of product residue build-up, and your hair shows the advantages of it.  Anyone can reverse wash, regardless of your hair type.

The right way to reverse hair washing

When I reverse wash my hair, I replace the conditioner with vegetable and essential oils.  You can easily make your own DIY blend too, depending on your hair type.

Add the oil blend to your hair and your scalp and leave it on for at least 15 minutes to a few hours or overnight.

Once you’ve applied the mixture to your hair, gently massage it into your scalp for a few minutes.

One way to help with the absorption of essential oils it to bend over while the mixture is on your hair.  The goal is to lower your head below your heart level.

Lastly, wash your hair with a mild shampoo (or Ayurvedic hair herbs) and rinse thoroughly.

Style your hair with a wooden comb or brush and prepare yourself for an amazing, immediate result.

Benefits of reverse hair washing

It adds volume, bounce, and shine to your hair and nourishes it without making it flat. It also eases frizz in the hair.

It’s easier to comb, preventing dryness, and making hair soft and shiny.

Reverse washing prevents a build-up of residue and reduces breakage and split ends.

Keeps color longer and prevents hair from becoming greasy too quickly

Fabulous looking hair every day, what are you waiting for?!

Why is reverse hair washing better for your hair?

There are so many great reasons to give reverse washing a try that you’d be crazy not to take advantage of it. Firstly, it helps calm frizz and dryness which is a common concern for curly or very long hair.

Did you know that washing your hair in the traditional way can actually harm it?  Shampooing removes dirt and oil build-up, which is great, but at the same time, it strips your hair of its natural oils.  So after shampooing, you often lose moisture, shine, and bounce.

The idea behind commercial conditioners is to try to re-add moisture after shampoos have had an adverse impact on your hair. The problem is that conditioners do not even use good quality oils.  This is the reason that my choice of conditioner is a mix of vegetable and essential oils.   Reverse washing and using a very mild shampoo is the best way to wash your hair without causing damage. Try this method, revitalize your hair and inject new shine, luster, bounce, and increased volume into your hair.

What happens when you reverse the washing order?

Applying conditioner to your hair first, before shampooing has a protective effect.   Hair is freshly coated and protected.  When shampoo is used, its harsh chemicals are unable to penetrate deeply into the hair or scalp, minimizing the potential for damage.

With reverse washing, you’ll see a reduction in split ends and breakage.  You’ll also enjoy hair with more life, more volume and bounce.

Cure dull, lifeless hair by conditioning first and shampooing after

A conditioner is designed to mimic the natural oils produced by your scalp.  It coats the hair, and it is tough to get out.  It’s this residue that weighs down hair and makes it look dull and lifeless.  By reverse washing your hair, you remove that build-up while still retaining the moisturizing benefits. Try this method, revitalize your hair and inject new shine, luster, bounce, and increased volume into your hair.

Keep hair follicles clear and unclogged

Residue from hair conditioners can clog hair follicles. This type of damage can lead to hair loss.  Reverse washing keeps your hair follicles unburdened and fully functioning.

Go more days without washing

Your hair will keep its life longer with reverse washing.  Remember, excess residue from conditioners attracts dirt, meaning you have to wash your hair more often.  With reverse washing, you’ll find that you won’t have to wash your hair so often.

Enjoy bouncier, shinier and more vibrant hair

You’ll notice immediate results from reverse washing, especially concerning volume.  This is ideal for people with fine hair as it tends to get oily quickly. Personally, I use cold-pressed oils to condition my hair rather than store-bought conditioners. You can achieve the same results with a normal conditioner too but I prefer to keep my hair away from chemicals.

Reverse hair washing notes:

– Always make your final rinse with colder water.  When you reduce the temperature of your rinse, it closes your hair cuticles.  This gives your hair an attractive sheen.

– Air-dry your hair rather than using a blow dryer or any other form of heat as this can cause lasting damage.

– When using conditioner, apply it to your hair but keep it away from the roots. This protects the scalp and keeps it functioning and healthy, without any clogging.

Don’t completely rinse out your conditioner before shampooing.  Only rinse it slightly.  This is especially important for those with coarse hair.  The conditioner will shield your hair from the harsh chemicals in shampoo.   Those with fine hair can completely rinse out conditioner before shampooing since fine hair gets oily very quickly.

– For those with coarse or thick hair, try reverse washing with a final application of conditioner as coarse hair has a tendency to suffer dryness after washing.  You could even try a natural, leave-in conditioner like almond, argan, or babassu.

Is reverse hair washing a new trend?

No, it’s not.  Many cultures that live closer to the earth use oils, butter, and masks on their hair before they shampoo.  This trend came out of a need to manage the dryness and discomfort that comes from commercial shampoos.

Note,  I usually reverse wash my hair with Shikakai Ayurvedic hair wash powder.

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My favourite natural and toxin-free organic brands for my hair, skin and beauty care are:

  • Khadi: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Morrocco-Method: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Plant Therapy : Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Ancient Apothecary: Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Tata Harper:High Performing, innovative and toxin-free face care
  • Au Naturelle : Advanced, active & toxin-free make-up
  • Popy Austin :Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils
  • Levenrose :Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils

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