Adrenal fatigue recovery

adrenal fatigue recovery stories

My adrenal fatigue recovery

I want to share my adrenal fatigue recovery in the hopes that those who also suffer find some peace in knowing that they are not alone.

“I was too tired to do anything: wash my hair, take a shower, drive, run my business.  It all became too much for me.”

You’re not alone.

FYI, during the time of my adrenal fatigue recovery, I didn’t look so happy, fresh and energetic as I am in this photo. In fact, I felt depressed, tired and overweight. But this photo is the result of hard work and never giving up for getting better.
There were times that I wished and thought I was going to die. Never give up!

I would like to advise you to read my hypothyroidism recovery page too, as it contains more detail and a simultaneous problem with my adrenal fatigue.

Thyroid and adrenals are intricately connected, and this connection proved very true in my case.

I started suffering from adrenal fatigue many years ago, and it impacted every single aspect of my life. Those days I constantly felt exhausted, depressed, unhappy and demotivated.

Since I had no energy, my life felt utterly pointless. I suffered a lot of panic attacks, and when it first happened, I was so shocked and scared that I thought I was having a stroke. From then on, I lived in constant fear of dying.

Hydrocortisone made me sicker and feel dead inside

In 2010 I also started using a drug called Hydrocortisone to manage my fatigue.

Unfortunately, the drug didn’t agree with me, and I spent a long time trying to wean myself off of it. It left me feeling dried out and weak, and my panic attacks increased. Physically I just couldn’t stop, and whenever I tried to I’d crash, mentally and physically. It was awful.

In 2011, I got to the point of being so tired that I had to close my business for a few months because I couldn’t handle it anymore. Running a business is stressful anyway, so imagine how it felt when you suffer from adrenal fatigue. I would desperately need a rest after replying to just five emails. This was also the year that I lost my best friend, someone who was like family to me.

Taking my health and adrenal fatigue recovery into my own hands

I knew I had to do something so I decided to take a long holiday to somewhere sunny to slowly recover. That 3-month holiday restored me enough to restart my work.

After feeling completely dejected and mistreated by doctors and medicine, after my long vacation I decided it was enough and started taking my health into my own hands

I knew I had to work on my adrenal fatigue recovery, as otherwise my health and life would go nowhere.

My adrenal fatigue recovery

I read every book I could find on the thyroid and adrenals. I also spent time on several thyroid Facebook Forums too.

The first article I read about my condition was called Tears Behind Closed Doors, by Diana Holmes. Her story made me sad but inspired me too. Next, I read Stop the Thyroid Madness, by Janie A. Bowthorpe.  I also joined her Facebook group where I got the chance to connect with other people suffering like me.

Paul Robinson’s breakthrough saved my life and helped me wean off hydrocortisone in few weeks

Online forums were a big support for me, and I learned a lot from it.  One blessed day, I noticed a blog post titled, Heal your adrenals with T3 only. It was written by Paul Robinson, author of a fantastic book called Recover your adrenals with T3.

Through this approach, I could wean off hydrocortisone in a matter of weeks, and my life was slowly picking up again. You can read my recovery post on Paul’s blog 

Talking to doctors about my adrenal fatigue symptoms

During my experience, it was tough to find good doctors who had adequate knowledge about adrenal, hypothyroid and chronic fatigue.

I can’t begin to count the number of times they’d tell me it was ‘all in my head’ and that I needed to see a shrink. I had a shrink already, yet my illness hadn’t improved!

Those Facebook forums were my lifeline – that was where I found people willing to listen. Help and share their experiences. I owe my life to Paul Robinson’s work – the man deserves a Nobel price!

My advice to anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue or hypothyroidism is to reach out to caring, well-informed and open-minded, healthcare professionals.

Holistic, conventional, integrative, alternative, complementary practices can help you on the road to recovery.

Testing for adrenal fatigue

So, how do you determine whether you suffer from adrenal fatigue?  The list of symptoms above can help you identify whether there is a likelihood that you are dealing with adrenal problems, but to know for sure, seek out a doctor who understands this illness and knows how to test for it.

When you’ve found a doctor you’re comfortable with, ask them to perform a check of your salivary cortisol or serum cortisol. A thorough examination assesses your cortisol levels over a 24-hour time frame, but check beforehand if this is the type of test you’ll receive.  It analyses ups and downs of your cortisol levels throughout the day.

Salivary cortisol tests often include tests of other hormones, such as insulin, DHEA, progesterone, etc. These provide information on how adrenal stress may be affecting other hormones in your body.

Ensure to check out the thyroid websites and groups that are listed on my thyroid recovery page. 

On these sites and groups you will find great information and support from thyroid patients.

If you would like to read my full health recoveries, please consider The Ageless Beauty Grail or the Hair and Body Fix.

The daily fight against adrenal fatigue

You might find that overcoming adrenal fatigue is an on-going struggle. It may even be a lifelong fight, but below are some ideas of daily habits you can adopt to help combat adrenal fatigue:

This is what helped (and is still helping me to this day) with my adrenal fatigue recovery program.

  1. Drink bone broth regularly and eat foods that heal your gut
  2. Take herbal supplements
  3. Take T3 hormone in the Circadian Rhythm to stimulate adrenals naturally and optimise thyroid medication.
  4. Get a daily dose of fresh air by going for walks
  5. Exercise moderately
  6. Keep stress under control
  7. Try doing bodywork
  8. Take supplements
  9. Use saunas and coffee enemas regularly
  10. Explore LDN (low dose naltrexone)
  11. Use apitherapy products
  12. Get weekly apitherapy injections
  13. Measure your blood pressure and pulse every day
  14. Measure your body temperature daily several times.  It should be around 37 degrees C (or 98.6 Fahrenheit )
  15. Try to follow the Palaeolithic Ketogenic diet
  16. Avoid sugar
  17. Surround yourself with good friends and family and cut out any toxic people
  18. Practice yoga and meditation
  19. I try to spend as much time outdoors and in nature as possible. I live by the beach, which helps to recharge my body and soul.
  20. Take supporting herbs
  21. Vitamins and minerals
  22. Ensure your body gets enough protein and healthy fats

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I hope you liked this article about my adrenal fatigue recovery. If you would like to learn more about clean living, healing and how I saved my life from being chronically ill and tired to the lively person I am today, ensure to check out other pages of this anti-ageing wellness platform.

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After a frustrating decade of battling several chronic illnesses, I became disillusioned with the medical system and decided to take my health into my own hands.

Now, through my books and wellness platform, I want to empower people around the world do the same and regain their health, hair, life and beauty!

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