Diy herbal tea rinses for healthy strong and beautiful hair

Diy Herbal Tea Rinses

Nourish your hair with DIY herbal tea rinses, enjoy healthy, strong and beautiful hair

DIY herbal tea rinses serve many purposes. They stimulate growth by restoring the health of your scalp, improve blood flow to the scalp and cleanse and condition your hair. Most hair problems such as dryness or grease can be improved with the use of a good hair rinse. They also create a healthy environment in the scalp for hair growth. This will make your hair healthier, stronger and more beautiful.

We all want gorgeous, shiny and healthy hair, but what is the path to such beauty and what will it take from you?

The basics of shiny healthy fabulous strong hair

Achieving fabulous long hair isn’t an impossible dream, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s start with the basics – If you want lovely, strong hair, you must eat a nutrient-dense diet. Well-nourished hair is stronger, thicker and shinier.

Next, be sure to get sufficient sleep each night. Sleep is needed for restoration and is good for your overall health, well-being and hair.

Ensure to keep your scalp clean and your hair nourished and healthy. Washing and combing (or brushing) your hair ensures that oils move along the hair shaft. You don’t want oils to stay stagnant on the scalp or to sit, clogging up your pores.

Finally, condition your hair and your scalp with a DIY herbal tea rinse. Hair rinses serve many purposes and are made of natural ingredients which come straight out of the ground (or from a bush).

Nature’s goodness then gives life, shine and vibrancy to your hair. Besides, it will also get stronger.

DIY herbal tea rinses bring shine, life and vibrancy to your hair

Most hair problems can be improved with the use of a good DIY herbal tea rinse including dryness and oiliness. They also make the scalp a healthy environment for hair growth.

Hair rinses are made of natural ingredients that give life, shine and vibrancy to your hair.

Home-made herbal tea rinses to nourish hair and stimulate hair growth

When you make a hair rinse at home, you know exactly what you’re putting on your hair. Pack it with plant nutrients, minerals and antioxidants for a supercharged, luxurious hair treatment. This is a much better alternative to commercial haircare products, which are loaded with harmful chemicals, even those that claim to be organic and natural.

If you can make a simple drink in the kitchen, why can’t you can make a natural hair rinse too? Just like tea leaves, your hair rinse will be made from dried flowers, herbs and other leaves. If you have a garden, you could grow the ingredients for your hair rinse.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s look at some DIY herbal tea rinses below.

DIY herbal tea rinses: hair loss and hair growth remedies with herbs

BASIL TEA RINSE – promotes hair growth, soothe dry, itchy scalp and eliminates dandruff

Basil DIY herbal tea rinse strengthens hair, feeds the scalp, helps the body detox and remove heavy metals and toxins, and prevents hair breakage and falling. It is also full of nutritious nutrients like Vitamin A and C, polyphenolic acids and flavonoids. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics, and it stimulates the blood flow and your hair follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth. Bhringraj Rinse revitalises hair follicles that are sluggish or not functioning properly. It is a natural Ayurvedic solution that has been used since ancient times.

Horsetail rinse is touted for its high silica content which strengthens the hair shaft

Horsetail rinse is touted for its high silica content which strengthens the hair-shaft, repairs damaged hair and encourages hair growth. Silica promotes repair and is an anti-viral and anti-allergen that stimulates and heals the scalp. It may also give your hair a “silicon-coat-effect” like in chemical shampoos, but then naturally and healthily. It keeps the hair shiny, bouncy and strong, and it contains many minerals such as magnesium, bioflavonoids, calcium, potassium, copper, and iron amongst others.

Get rid of hair problems by the potent power of Liquorice root tea rinses

This amazing DIY herbal tea rinses herb may help you with hair thinning, helps prevents split ends works astringent; give this a try when you have oily hair. Liquorice root rinse treats dandruff, heals fungal infections and heals damage to the hair and is very soothing for dry and irritated skin. The Egyptians used this powerful herb since 3 rd century B.C. and it helps get rid of hair problems like scabs and dandruff.

Treat yourself once a week to this luxurious potion and as always, try to use organic herbs. You can also sip from Liquorice root tea to stimulate more growth. Always introduce new herbs and small and calculated doses!

Nettle tea rinse helps treat hair loss in men and women and promotes new hair growth

Stinging nettle rinse treats hair loss in men and women. It’s also effective against alopecia areata and stimulates the new growth of hair. This powerful boosting plant is filled with amazing vitamins such in vitamins A, C, K, pantothenic acid, iron, silica, and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are all known to be beneficial for your hair.

One of the ways that it works is by halting the production of DHT. This hormone is shown to be responsible for male pattern baldness (which can also be experienced by women).

Do you want more volume, shine and lustre into your tresses? Try Nettle tea rinse and enjoy beautiful, strong full hair.

Did you know that Nettle Tea can help you recover from food poisoning faster? Watercress rinse helps restore a healthy scalp and healthy hair. This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, biotin and zinc – all of which have an amazing effect on hair.

Hibiscus tea rinse, an excellent natural conditioner

Hibiscus flower rinse treats a range of conditions, can be used as an alternative for a natural conditioner and is an excellent detangler. It halts hair loss, prevents premature onset of grey hair, can leave a soft red shade in your hair and can also be used to treat dandruff.

Hibiscus rinse is a great hair detangler and contains mucilage. Mucilage is a slippery gluey substance. It hydrates hair and provides deep conditioning that strengthens and revives hair. Other functional properties of hibiscus are that it relieves scalp irritation, reduces grey hair and lowers the incidence of hair loss.

The mucilage from this tea rinse will make your hair feel soft, hydrated and shiny.

Hops flower Rinse to combat hair loss

Hop’s flower rinse prevents hair loss and adds body and shine into your tresses. It has natural antiseptic properties and heals microbial infections of the scalp. By improving the condition of your scalp and hair follicles, hops stimulate hair growth, reduces breakage and strengthens hair.

Combat hair loss and thicken hair with Marshmallow root.

Marshmallow root is a way to go for people hassling with knots and dull, lifeless, frizzy hair. This amazing root contains potent slippery mucilage, that tackles a lot of hair issues.

Marshmallow root is high in plant proteins and vitamins that thicken the hair, treat dry scalp problems such as eczema and psoriasis and is also promoting healthy growth.

It detangles hair easily, leaving it deeply conditioned, hydrated, shiny and bouncy. Get the frizz under control and enjoy easy combing with this effective and slippery root that also reduces split ends and prevents hair breakage.

Give this multi-tasker a try as regular use will make your hair more workable, silkier, shinier, bouncier and thicker. And last but not least, it promotes natural growth too.

DIY Herbal Tea Rinses to restore hair and inject shine, lustre, bounce and life into your tresses

Rosemary Tea rinses and inject shine, silkiness and lustre into your magnificent tresses.

Rosemary Rinse has been traditionally used in holistic healing for a variety of ailments and can be used to give your hair a darker appearance and mask greys. It has antiseptic characteristics that serve to cleanse and restore the scalp. Rosemary is one of the primary herbs for hair growth, and I am adding Rosemary essential oil to almost all my hair serums and blends.

This herb that is packed full of antioxidants injects shine, lustre, bounce and can naturally enhance your colour. Apart from the nutritive benefits for your manes, the aromatic smells from this medicinal plant is a real blow for your senses and can help boost your mood and memory.

Try Rosemary Tea rinse and inject shine, silkiness and lustre into your magnificent tresses.

Refreshing Lavender-Mint Tea Rinse brings renewed life and shine to hair

Refreshing Lavender-Mint Rinse brings renewed life and shine to hair that may have become dull and limp. Lavender is known to reduce inflammation on the scalp and increases circulation which promotes new hair growth. It is ideal for use on any hair type. As an alternative, you could add vinegar to this mix. Vinegar rids your hair and scalp of residue from styling gels and soap-based shampoos.

Note: Vinegar can make your hair dry, so use sparingly

Peppermint is fragrant and efficient in the treatment of hair loss. It contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids, which helps stimulate your scalp and treat any yeast that may be living on the surface. Peppermint also has cooling properties that can help to calm and soothe you. As a scent, it offers calm to the nervous system and can also be used to soothe hair and skin. Blackberry Leaf rinse treats dandruff and also enhances your hair colour. It has the added benefit of leaving your hair looking exceptionally shiny and full of life. Works on all hair types and colours.

Herbal Tea Rinses for Brunettes

Sage Herbal Rinse has natural antibiotic properties

Historically, Sage – Salvia officinalis, had a very particular meaning that was reflecting the medicinal and curative properties it was believed to empower.

Sage Herbal Rinse is a traditional potent potion that can be applied to hair to darken it gently – a great, natural alternative to dyeing hair. An added benefit of this rinse is the shine it adds to your tresses. According to research, Sage is said to improve hair growth, reduce shedding and helps thicken the hair. Sage is a soothing hair tonic that helps with scalp dryness. It also reduces allergies and has natural antibiotic properties and is an excellent source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc and Vitamins B and C.

Herbal Tea Rinses for Red Heads

Hibiscus rinse is a great hair detangler and contains mucilage. Mucilage is a slippery gluey substance. It hydrates hair and provides deep conditioning that strengthens and revives hair. Other functional properties of hibiscus are that it relieves scalp irritation, reduces grey hair and lowers the incidence of hair loss.

Herbal Tea Rinses for Blondes

Chamomile rinse can be used over time to lighten the appearance of your hair. It is a natural way to brighten your hair colour without chemicals or harm.

Herbs for oily hair

Herbs that are beneficial for oily hair are black tea, calendula, chamomile, horsetail, lemongrass, nettle, and rosemary.

Suitable herbs for dry hair

Herbs that treat dry hair are cloves, elderflower, lavender, horsetail, oat straw and thyme

How to make your own hair rinse

  1. Soak your chosen herbs in water. If you are short on time or using fresh ingredients, you don’t need to soak it, just continue to step 3.
  2. Allow ingredients to soak for approximately 8 hours (overnight)
  3. Place ingredients and the water they soaked in in a stainless-steel pan
  4. Bring to a boil then simmer for 3 minutes
  5. Remove from heat and cover pot
  6. Leave rinse to cool completely
  7. Sieve the mixture to remove herbs

Why is pre-soak providing more nutrition?

Pre-Soaking herbs make stronger DIY herbal tea rinses. After a few hours, more nutritive properties are released into the rinse.

Hard water DIY herbal tea rinses tips

Add two teaspoon of lemon juice to the cooled mixture, if you live in a hard water region.

Dry and damaged hair DIY herbal tea rinses tips

Add two teaspoons of honey to your rinse if you have dry or damaged hair.

How to apply DIY herbal tea rinses?

  1. Apply DIY herbal tea rinses to shampooed hair
  2. Pour rinse over hair and gently massage into scalp
  3. Pour rinse through your hair repeatedly
  4. Leave on hair for a minimum of 5 minutes
  5. Rinse hair with clean water
  6. Allow hair to air dry

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My Favourite organic herbal teas to make the DIY rinces are :

My favourite natural and toxin-free organic brands for my hair, skin and beauty care are:

  • Khadi: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Morrocco-Method: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Plant Therapy : Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Ancient Apothecary: Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Tata Harper:High Performing, innovative and toxin-free face care
  • Au Naturelle: Advanced, active & toxin-free make-up
  • Popy Austin:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils
  • Levenrose:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oil

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