Grow hair faster and stronger tips

grow hair faster

Natural haircare routine: grow hair faster and stronger tips

How to grow hair faster and stronger, is a question I asked myself many many times before writing this book. When I fully emerged myself into the world of holistic haircare, I experimented a lot before I found what suited my hair and health needs best.

I tried loads of homemade shampoos, most which I found on Hair Buddha. ( Minaz, who runs the site, played a big part in influencing and inspiring me to start learning about natural hair care.

Minaz is a wonderful person and you can learn a lot from her. Go visit her website if you would like to have more ideas for home-made shampoos:

When it comes to shampoo, I keep it simple and always come back to the herbs we mentioned in the book. But if I’m pressed for time I will use a safe and mild Ayurvedic shampoo.

Shampooing with Ayurvedic herbs that grow hair faster and stronger

When it comes to shampooing, I like to use a combination of natural herbs. My favourites are Shikakai, Reetha, Amla, Gotu Kola and Bhringaraj.

Other factors that affect how fast your hair grows include your current health and genetics.

Are you dreaming about improving your precious locks? Don’t know where to start?

Oiling the hair to grow hair faster and stronger

As I mentioned before, oiling my hair is a crucial part of my natural haircare routine. The type of oil I use is also essential as some can damage my hair. I stick to oils with a low comedogenic factor as much as possible, especially when it comes to oiling my scalp.

Some of my favourites include rosehip, castor, argan, emu oil, watercress seed oil, broccoli seed, neem, hemp and sea buckthorn oil. Oiling the hair is an essential part that makes your hair grow faster and stronger. Besides, it leaves your hair with an amazing shine.

Wooden Brushes and combs are safer for your hair

I’ve been using a wooden brush for over two years and have never looked back! This one small change can have a massive effect on the state of your hair so I’d definitely recommend making the switch.

Henna Hair dye for strong hair; grow hair faster and longer

As you probably know by now, I am a big advocate of henna – in fact, I LOVE IT!

I use henna to dye my hair and brows every two weeks. I like to use the Khadi henna brand because the preparation is easy and it contains other, very potent, Indian Ayurvedic plants, which are super soothing for the hair and it definitely helps to grow hair faster, stronger and longer.

Massage to keep your scalp healthy and grow hair faster

I try to massage my scalp three to five times a week as this helps with blood circulation. When more blood is pumped towards the scalp, it can help the hair grow faster.  Using a scalp massager for this gives you a ridiculously good feeling.

Bodywork to release the craniosacral rhythm of my body also stimulates hair growth

Once a week I visit an osteopath to release the craniosacral rhythm of my body. This might seem like a bit much to some of you, but it’s made a real difference to my overall health and simultaneously important for the blood flow in the scalp, so I stuck with it.

How to grow hair faster and stronger with this supercharged Natural DIY Serum

If you would like to know how to grow hair faster and stronger you should definitely try this supercharged Natural DIY Serum with Aloe Vera and Peppermint essential oil. Maintaining your hair is a lot like looking after your skin – you have to work on it consistently. A good natural hair care regimen, along with a healthy diet, helps promote healthy, growing hair. There are also some herbs and essential oils that can help with regrowth.

Maintaining your hair is a lot like looking after your skin – you have to work on it consistently. A good natural hair care regimen, along with a healthy diet, helps promote healthy, growing hair faster.

Get longer, stronger and luscious hair faster with natural solutions

Beautiful, strong, long hair takes time and dedication – there is no ‘quick fix’. However, there are some ways to hurry it along. Here are my tried and tested tips to grow hair faster and 100 % naturally…

One of the blends that really worked to stimulate regrowth is my supercharged DIY hair serum. Let us look at it below.

Grow hair faster with this Aloe Vera DIY Supercharged Hair Serum

You don’t need to suffer from hair loss to get results with this Aloe Vera DIY hair serum. You can also wow the state of your healthy hair and stimulate faster shinier hair growth.

Keeping your scalp clean and healthy is super important if you want to regrow your hair, and this is the potent home-made hair growth serum I always use.

Apply this homemade hair serum for fast, healthy faster hair growth!

Method of Aloe Vera hair growth serum 

  • Extract the gel from one or two large, fresh Aloe Vera leaves
  • When peeling avoid the aloine (the yellow liquid that drips out of the green part of the leaf), as it is an irritant. If you see any aloine in the gel, wash it off carefully.
  • Add two tablespoons of rose water and two tablespoons of orange blossom water
  • Peel a small piece of ginger and add that too (and or add 1 or drops of ginger essential oil)
  • Add a small piece of cucumber
  • Add one tablespoon of emu oil and rosehip oil
  • Mix in a few essential oils. (first mix the essential oils you want to use together as this improves synergy effect) I usually add rosemary, basil, geranium, copaiba and peppermint. You can also add rose or neroli depending on your budget. The amount of essential oil drops depends on the dilution you require and the amount of Aloe Gel, carrier oil and orange blossom water. I always make this serum on a 3 % dilution strength. For 90 ML of serum this would be a total of 54 drops of oil.
  • Mix all these ingredients in a blender until it is all smooth

Finally, now you can add this amazing Aloe Vera hair growth serum to your roots

  • Apply mixture to the roots of your hair and gently massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow. This also ensures that the active ingredients get extra absorption. You can also add it to the lengths of the hair, but remember, although Aloe Vera is super healthy and nutritive, it contains a lot of proteins, and it can also dry the hair when used too long or without rotation of essential fatty acids.
  • After an hour apply your favourite mix of oils to the roots and length of your hair. I usually mix castor oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, a little coconut oil and a few essential oils. Massage onto the roots and lengths for a few minutes.
  • Leave the oils on your hair for at least one hour before washing it out.

I love this DIY serum! All the ingredients in the serum are ideal for rapid hair growth. It’s also super soothing and leaves my hair feeling and looking amazing. Try it and see – your scalp will feel fresher than ever before.

Ingredients from this Supercharged Hair Serum that help hair grow faster and stimulates hair growth

Aloe Vera, all-round healing master.

Aloe Vera contains many medicinal properties and is an important part of a holistic treatment for hair loss. It’s an excellent ingredient to maintain a healthy scalp and is conducive to prevent hair loss.

For centuries Aloe Vera has been used to cure ailments.  If you’re in search of a natural remedy for hair loss try applying Aloe Vera and you’ll begin to see results after just six months!

Aloe Vera also helps eliminate seborrhea and dandruff.  It stimulates hair growth, unclogs hair pores, and keeps scalp and hair moisturised. You can also use Aloe Vera to balance the pH of hair and to improve its appearance.


Once thought of as an elite, exotic oil, Neroli has been used for decades by many to soothe rashes and to reduce scars and stretch marks.

The anti-oxidant properties of this rich oil encourage healthy cell growth, boosts and revitalises dull looking hair, and helps treat dermatitis and scalp irritations.

In many ways, Neroli is a woman’s best friend. It reduces wrinkles and conditions skin, as well as helps with matters of the heart (it’s thought to be an aphrodisiac that alleviates sexual tension).


Antioxidants occur naturally in rosehip oil, which allows it to fight those hair-loss causing oxidants.  Free radicals cause oxidants to build up from just about everything your hair is exposed to. Second-hand smoke, pollution, the environment and stress are stressful for our health and hair.


Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory that’s absorbed well by human skin and can contribute to a healthy scalp as it can penetrate deep within. And, as an emulsifier, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily.


Ginger is excellent for hair growth as it has a stimulating impact on blood flow when applied to the scalp. It increases blood flow and carries nutrients that assist with healthy hair growth. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory.


Lavender oil can be applied to any type of hair.  It is mild and soothing, and often helps prevent hair loss and encourages hair growth. Lavender oil works by moisturising the scalp and balancing sebum production, which makes it popular for dandruff control and for treating scalp acne that might be complicated by a bacterial or fungal infection.  It’s also an antiseptic and an antimicrobial.


Rose water stabilises the pH balance of hair, helping to repair any damage. It also reduces dandruff from fungal infections.  In addition to all of the above, rose water is an anti-inflammatory with natural antiseptic properties.


Orange blossom water is a natural ingredient that is used in various hair care products. As well as having a beautiful scent it can be used to condition and strengthen hair, and to make hair shiny and lustrous.


Rosemary essential oil has many benefits for your hair. Most notably, it reverses premature greying and thinning.  Packed with antioxidants, rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles and improves blood circulation when applied to the scalp.


Geranium essential oil has a long list of beneficial effects on our health.  Known to balance hormones, reduce stress and alleviate depression.  It also works as a deodorant, astringent and diuretic.  Along with all the qualities above, it’s great for the skin and hair.


Mint essential oil has cooling properties that help to calm and soothe you.  As a scent, it offers calm to the nervous system.  Helps soothe and calm hair and skin.


Castor oil is a triglyceride acid. The content of its fatty acid is 90% ricinoleic acid which increases circulation to the scalp and improves hair growth.  This fatty acid can penetrate deep into skin and hair follicles, where it nourishes them and restores healthy growth.  It’s also a rare, yet essential, amino acid needed by the human body.


Copaiba is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, is very soothing, prevent fungal growth, and only, therefore, it is an excellent oil to treat your hair and to combat hair loss. It also improves the health of the skin, tightens the skin, lowers blood pressure, and can improve the bladder function. Great oil and it has a sweet smell and a soft texture.

36 Tips to keep your hair stronger, longer and healthier

  1. Follow a healthy diet

    Modern society has slipped so far away from natural living and the life that we were designed for that it’s making us unhealthy and sick.
    During my nutrition and healing journey, I discovered several doctors with an interesting theory on healing the body through food. One of those doctors was Dr Axe, who created The Healing Food Diet. His theory is that we should eat an equal amount of proteins, healthy fats and carbs with a low GI (glycemic index)

  2. Massage, massage, massage!

    Massage your hair and scalp regularly. Flip your hair upside down while massaging as it brings more blood flow to the scalp. Including regular scalp massages to your holistic haircare routine can really make a difference to the condition of your hair. It can help prevent hair loss and increase growth, improve stimulation and circulation in the scalp; making your hair stronger, shinier and glossier.

  3. Stay as stress-free as possible

    Building resilience against stress is like putting up defences against the stress that cannot be avoided. Regular exercise helps build resilience, having an adequate sleep each night helps manage it, as does taking care of your emotional health.

    LAUGHTER, meditation, massage, beauty treatments, yoga, walking, reading, socialising and staying connected with those that are close to you and love you also helps keep stress from overwhelming you.

  4. Swap your chemical hair dye for henna

    We have a habit of covering our skin with all kinds of toxic products. Some people never look at a skin care product label, but I urge you to pay attention to the products you put on your skin.

    Everything you apply affects you in some way. The chemicals in soaps, lotions, and deodorants seep into the skin and your cells. This is one of the primary ways that toxic chemicals enter the body.

  5. Use essential oils in your hair serums

    Essential oil revitalises hair and helps it grow. Massaging essential oils into the scalp stimulates the hair root and aids in the absorption of nutrients. It also awakens and stimulates hair follicles. Every single essential oil serves many diversified purposes. they are fundamental to the food, health, beauty and medicine industries.

  6. Oil your hair frequently

    Overall, oiling hair can make a big difference in the health of our hair and scalp, as well as add vibrancy, lustre and shine. Oil is packed with fatty acids and other nutrients which can replace lipids that may have been depleted, especially in thinning hair. Lipid depletion is what leads to split ends. If you suffer from split ends, be sure to apply oil to the ends of your hair to prevent it from splitting any further.

  7. Infuse hair with herbs

    Herbal rinses are full of vitamins, proteins and minerals that make your hair stronger, thicker and helping it grow faster and stronger.

  8. Take vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements

    Rev up your hair and health with a consistent vitamin and herbal support plan

  9. Practice the reverse wash and ditch conditioners

    Reverse hair washing is a method of conditioning your hair (with vegetable and essential oils) before you wash it. It’s a complete reversal of the conventional way of washing hair, where you first shampoo your hair and then condition it. It protects your hair from the harsh chemicals it’s exposed to when shampooing.

  10. Address any medical problems you have

  11. Use wooden combs and brushes

    Wood works wonders on your locks. It contains no chemicals and is gentler on the hair than plastic combs and brushes.

  12. Apply castor oil to hair regularly. Castor oil can make your hair grow faster and stronger. Achiever 3 to 5 times the growth.
  13. Ingest sufficient amounts of protein and make sure food is absorbed by taking digestive enzymes and HCL

    You can eat the healthiest diet in the world, but if you are not absorbing your food well, it is pretty pointless. So take digestive enzymes and HCL

  14. Get more oxygen into your body by walking in nature and adding ozone to your routine

  15. Drink a lot of bone broth

  16. Use Ayurvedic hair-wash powders and herbs

  17. Ditch toxic chemicals from your life, beauty cabinets and kitchen cupboards

  18. Frequently use essential to regrow hair and make your hair thicker, longer and stronger

  19. Eat organic food that heals you

  20. Don’t forget to go out daily to get your dose of fresh air

  21. Self-care: eat well, rest well, and incorporate as much as holistic lifestyle habits as you can, which will make you healthier, happier and stronger

  22. Drink filtered water and reduce plastic sources from your life

  23. eat enough healthy fats

  24. Avoid tight hairstyles

  25. Use ginger to stimulate blood circulation

  26. consider using a silk pillowcase

  27. eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin C

  28. Go to bed early and get plenty of rest

  29. Ensure to keep your Thyroid healthy and optimal

  30. Ditch nutrition that causes inflammation

  31. Try digestive and systemic enzymes

  32. Use tea rinses to make your hair healthier and stronger

  33. Ensure to cover nutrient deficiencies

  34. Keep reading about optimizing your health

  35. Ensure to keep your blood-sugar balanced

  36. Ensure to address adrenal fatigue

With Love and good luck Sandra


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My favourite natural and toxin-free organic brands for my hair, skin and beauty care are:

  • Khadi: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Morrocco-Method: Herbal colouring with Henna, herbs and plant pigments
  • Plant Therapy : Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Ancient Apothecary: Therapeutic and food-grade essential oils
  • Tata Harper:High Performing, innovative and toxin-free face care
  • Au Naturelle: Advanced, active & toxin-free make-up
  • Popy Austin:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils
  • Levenrose:Pure, unrefined, organic, cold-pressed body/face/hair oils
  • Pukka: Pure, unrifined, organic castor oil

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