13 amazing benefits of Rosemary essential oil

rosemary oil benefits

Improve digestion, cell metabolism, tiredness, regrow hair with this versatile essential oil 

With its incredible herbaceous woody fragrance, Rosemary oil has been used for centuries and is even said to be one of the favourite oils of the German-Suisse physician and botanist, Paracelsus.

Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils around, extracted from the Rosmarinus officinalis, which is widely known in the Mediterranean region for its herbal, healing and culinary benefits.

How does Rosemary essential oil work? 

Rosemary essential oil can be used in various ways, from burners to vaporisers, to blends, massages oils, lotions, shampoos. You can make your custom-made blends to help you with circulation, pain relief, mental fatigue, skin and hair care agent, decongestion of the respiratory tract and more.

Health benefits of Rosemary essential oil 

Increase mental focus and regrow healthy hair 

First, rosemary is a versatile oil that serves many purposes such as regrowing hair, improving digestion and cooking healthy meals. It also works energising and increases your mental focus.

Rosemary oil is a mental and physical stimulant

Rosemary essential oil is both a mental and physical stimulant. It works refreshing in the morning bath, and at the same time, it is an excellent treatment for muscular tiredness after a long day.

  • Reduce occasional fatigue and nervous tension

  • Improve relaxation by adding some drops to a warm bath

Stimulate hair follicles with Rosemary essential oil 

Rosemary essential oil has many benefits for your hair and it works by improving cell metabolism. Packed with antioxidants, rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles and improves blood circulation when applied to the scalp. It also has a reputation for healing the scalp and helping hair to regrow. If you suffer from dandruff or have oily hair, use rosemary to balance out the oils of your scalp.

Help improve Vaginal infections

Mix a few drops of therapeutic rosemary oil in some organic neem and pure emu oil and massage it in or around the vagina. Make the dilution fit to your individual needs so you are not causing any harm in this very sensitive area.
I wouldn’t start with a dilution higher than 2 % in this area.

Combat acne en cellulite 

A 2007 study reveals that inhaling rosemary oil helps decrease stress hormones which, in turn, helps to reduce oxidative stress and lowers anxiety. Rosemary is also touted for its use in many beauty treatments and helps combat acne and cellulite.

Improves oral health 

Rosemary essential oil is a disinfectant and a good ingredient to make a DIY mouthwash. It also helps in removing bad breath and keeping your oral health and gums in shape.

  • Use Rosemary and Mint essential in some distilled water (shake jar before using) as a healthy and natural alternative to toxic mouthwashes.

Enhance memory and stimulate mental clarity 

Rosemary essential oil is proven to have a positive effect on enhancing your memory, and it helps to stay more alert and stimulates mental clarity. It is also helpful for muscular sprains, fatigue, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, etc.

Improve circulation and boost immunity 

It also improves circulation in your body, helps ease headaches, alleviates joint & muscle pain, and thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, Rosemary also helps boost your immunity. Also, it is a natural solution to help relieve colds, cases of flu and respiratory infections.

Relieves stress and tension 

Combat cellulite and fade stretch marks 

Furthermore, Rosemary essential oil is used to help combat cellulite through massages or lymphatic massages. It is also helpful to help fade stretch marks and to clear up acne.

Aids in digestion 

Rosemary essential oil is often used for curing indigestion, stomach cramps, constipation, and bloating. It also helps to detoxify the liver and regulates bile. Because of its blood stimulating properties, it can also benefit your overall digestion (esp meats) and overall absorption of food.

Boosts Immune System

The antioxidants in rosemary oil are defensive weapons for fighting infections and diseases. REgular inhalation of rosemary oil can help increase your immune system strength.
A strong immune system helps to combat inflammatory diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Natural insecticide and mosquito repellant 

It is a natural insecticide. (so, stop buying toxic pesticides) and a natural alternative for Mosquito sprays. 

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

  • Natural air freshener (stop buying toxic alternatives)
  • In your cleaning and household blends, you can add other cleaning and other potent antibacterial oils such as Tea-Tree, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Sage or Thyme

Rosemary essential oil blends well  with:

basil, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, rosewood, eucalyptus, marjoram and pine

Safety uses for Rosemary essential oil 

Generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising. Rosemary verbenone is considered safe for children over the age of 2.

Not recommended for pregnant women, children younger than 2, people with high blood pressure, epilepsy, or with a history of seizures. Always consult with your physician and or herbalist prior to use.

Organic brands who deliver small batches to preserve the quality

Organic brands, such as Plant Therapy, Ladrôme and Ancient Apothecary deliver products such as Rosemary essential oil that made in small batches to preserve the quality of their products. This way the skincare products remain in their natural state as much as possible. I will always go for brands that use glass bottles and cold-pressed products where nothing chemical was added and the raw nature of the product can be preserved. 

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