Holistic health trends 2018: what is hot and healthy?


2018 is a big year for holistic health trends

2018 is set to be a BIG year for holistic health trends as more of us become aware of clean-living and embrace a toxic-free life.

I don’t claim to be a trendsetter, nor am I the type to be at the mercy of trends, but it’s always interesting to see what’s hot and new in the holistic health world… and I’m always up for trying cool, new things 🙂

Some of these trends might not necessarily be ‘new’ but it’s popularity is set to soar, which means that more people will become educated about it. Here are some of my top trend predictions for holistic health and wellbeing in 2018…

More Moringa please, a natural anti-inflammatory

Last year was all about turmeric – a naturally powerful anti-inflammatory that I swear by.  But this year it is moringa that is emerging as holistic health trend. The super-ingredient on everyone’s shopping list.

Originating from the south of the equator this green plant has been touted as an even more powerful anti-inflammatory than tumeric. Sold.

Hailed by scientists as the ‘world’s most useful tree’, the moringa plant has been instrumental as a healing power in countries like India and Africa for decades. As well as it’s inflammation-fighting benefits moringa has been found to have:

  • Twice the amount of protein and three times more iron than spinach
  • Large amounts of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A

What is the Moringa catch?

So what’s the catch? Surely something so nutritious and healthy must taste bitter and gross, right? Fortunately not. This super-veg tastes just as delicious as it sounds, which means that the food industry are rushing to capitalise on it. Brands like Kuli Kuli are promoting moringa smoothie mixes and you can even enjoy it as a vegan snack – Vegan Rob’s Moringa Puffs.

We’ll also be seeing a lot more of moringa in the ingredients list of beauty products this year. The seeds from the tree is used to create moringa oil which is packed full of vitamins A, B and C. It also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for those suffering from acne

Unplugging from the digital paced world and electronic devices

In the digital-paced world we live in, unplugging from electronic devices can be hard, unheard of even. But, for the sake of our mental health it’s so important to step away from the phone or laptop screen once in a while and spend time reconnecting with nature and talking to people – in real life!

Digital has blown up in the last few years with more social media apps available then ever before, but with depression and suicide rates also rising.

Reverse from electronic devices

2018 will see a reverse in this holistic health trends with more phone-free clubs and no-wifi cafes and restaurants popping up. The idea is that we reconnect with our fellow human beings in real life rather than over the phone – which I’m a huge advocate of. Some dining places have even gone as far as to put a phone ban on date night dinners.

Even hotel chains are also jumping on the digital wellness escape and love this holistic health trends

Hotels are also jumping on this holistic health trends in a bid to stop holiday-goers from bringing their work with them. Villa Stephanie in Baden-Baden, Germany has blocked the wifi from guests’ rooms by placing copper wifi-repelling plates around the walls to stop you from checking your emails. The Mandarin Hotel Las Vegas has also introduced a ‘digital wellness escape” package for guests who have to leave their phones with check-in. A holiday might actually mean a holiday in 2018!

Digital-detox has many benefits

A digital-detox can have so many benefits on our mental health and I’d urge you to give it a try. Take some time out of your day to exercise, go for a walk or meet a friend for a catchup. Leave your phone at home and learn to connect with nature and those around you on a deeper level. If you continue doing this holistic health trends for a few months I promise that your relationships and anxiety levels will improve greatly. Give it a try and let me know!

Healthy pet food, also animals can get diabetes from the wrong types of foods!

So many of us are concerned about the food we eat and where it comes from but how many of us do the same for our beloved pets? Did it ever occur to you that the shop bought food you give them could be damaging their health?

So why not look into this holistic health trends and give your pets some real care and love with the food they deserve.

The pet food industry is largely unregulated, which means that companies can pack their food with additives, preservatives or even worse, and we will never know what is really going into their stomachs. This can be especially worrying if you notice your pet suffers from an allergy but are unable to track down what the cause is (due to the ingredients on pet food labels not being shown).

Pet food companies looking for healthy pet food

Healthy pet food may not be on your radar right now but this is an industry that’s set to blow up this year, with pet food companies looking deeper into what they put into their products and owners taking more of an interest in what they’re feeding their pets.

This year we will see more pet food brands committing to producing healthier, high-quality food made with fresh ingredients that are whole and clean. Leading the way is Castor & Pollux, a luxury pet food brand who pack their food with organic produce and protein. Nutro is another brand who have jumped on the healthy pet food wagon and taken inspo from the Paleo diet.

If you’re after an even healthier alternative for your pooch or cat there are startups like The Farmer’s Dog and Ollie, who deliver fresh meals for your pet straight to your home. Another emerging trend in the pet food world is the supplement. Brands like Vital Planet and Wholistic Pet Organics now offer supplements to aid your pet’s digestion and nutrient absorption.

When it comes to my own pets, I rotate fresh meat, livers, fish and raw eggs, with dried holistic food that doesn’t contain any gluten, grains and sugars. Also cats and dogs can get diabetes from the wrong types of food!

Organic makeup goes mainstream

There was a time when chemical-free, organic makeup was considered uncool, overpriced and lacking in choice.

Now organic makeup companies are developing a wider spectrum of products which could see them finally go mainstream. Cult brands such as Rituel de Fille and organic Au Naturale Cosmetics, and newcomers like Lawless and Velvet, will be launching longer-lasting lipsticks in bolder colors and full-coverage foundations that can compete with mainstream brands.

More established natural beauty brands such as as Bite Beauty, RMS Beauty, Ilia, Lilah B., and Antonym have also seen exponential growth in popularity due to the changing needs of customers who want more natural products. Research also shows that 48% of consumers want beauty products that are natural and organic.

Kombucha drinks and gut health

Gut health is often overlooked and most of us only realise its importance after we suffer at the hands of it. I’m a huge advocate of good gut health and, as someone who’s suffered from it, I know how debilitating it can be. An unhealthy gut can cause many health problems including arthritis, hair loss and even mental disorders like depression.

Fermented food and drinks, like Kombucha, can help heal the gut naturally and is set to be a big trend this year.

Kombucha is a fermented drink, usually made with black tea and natural sugars. The fermentation process creates a healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, which can help line your digestive tract and support your immune system. To reap the full benefits of this powerful ingredient you should aim to drink it once a day.

However, Kombucha is not for everybody and you need to play to find out how you feel. For me it simply doesn’t work as it makes me feel very weird.

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Self-care was once considered a luxury for busy women but is increasingly becoming a necessity for us to function properly. 2018 will be the year where more of us will unapologetically clear our diaries and calendars and spend time taking care of our mental and physical health.

The idea is that when you feel good you will be better equipped to deal with your family, friends, work and the world. Self-care isn’t about slapping a facemask on once a week. It’s about looking at your health deeply and taking the time to care for it. It’s about avoiding becoming burnt out and making healthier choices. There are many ways to do this, from regular journaling, meditation and walking, to eating cleaner and living a toxic-free lifestyle.

Holistic solutions to clean living and optimal health

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