Chronic fatigue syndrome recovery

chronic fatigue syndrome test

My chronic fatigue syndrome recovery story

Firstly, chronic fatigue syndrome recovery can take a while before you find a treatment that works for you. It is a highly debilitating illness that many doctors don’t understand. It is not like normal fatigue or exhaustion.

Secondly, tiredness comes on very quickly when you have chronic fatigue, and sometimes it will come on with a sore throat, upper respiratory infections, cold, bronchitis, hepatitis, intestinal bug, food poisoning, mononucleosis, or intense stress.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a medical condition, officially recognised since 1994. And some medics refer to it as chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS)

FYI, during the time of my chronic fatigue syndrome recovery, I didn’t look so happy, fresh and energetic as I am in this photo. In fact, I was depressed, tired and overweight. But this photo is the result of hard work and never giving up for getting better. There were times that I wished and thought I was going to die. Never give up on your dreams and achievements!

My personal struggle with chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue

After struggling for some time with thyroid and adrenal fatigue problems, I got to a point where I felt stuck again and was not moving forward with my health. Although my body temperature was back up to normal (37 degrees) and my adrenal glands and thyroid had improved significantly, I still felt exhausted. Please read my thyroid recovery, as it contains much more detail.

I started to dig deeper, and it turned out that I had a few infections: Lyme disease, Borreliosis, and Epstein-Barr. I went to the United States for treatment at a detox clinic, which lasted three months.

After the detox treatment, I continued to adapt to my health routine. I added ozone treatments and decided to move to a sunny and warmer country to improve my overall health and energy.

Tips and treatments to consider when you have chronic fatigue syndrome

Modern society has slipped so far away from natural living and the life that was designed for us, that it’s making us unhealthy and sick. Every day we’re bombarded with so much misinformation and conflicting advice that most of us have difficulty making our way back to ‘natural’ living.

We all know that a nutrient-dense diet is a key to healthy living, but your body needs more than just nutrition to be completely healthy and fully energised.

No single healing solution fits everyone

When it comes to healing, no single solution fits everyone. It’s only through trial and error that we achieve success, so go easy on yourself. Don’t push your body to its limit as this can do more harm than good. In my experience, it’s more important to work on a few small things at a time to become healthier. And remember to listen carefully to your body to understand what it needs.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and the right type of nutrition helps you

To get your head around what you ‘should’ be eating I want you to think back to your ancestors. Thousands of years ago, when factories didn’t exist, and processed food wasn’t around, what did people eat? Back then, they lived off fresh fish, meat, fruit, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and vegetables. It was simple and effective.

Eat food that is right for your body type

It’s also worth bearing in mind that we all have a different chemical composition, and a diet that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others. Some people must eliminate dairy to find the right balance for their body. Others eliminate gluten and carbohydrates. Others only eat plants based foods.

Optimising your hormones will help with chronic fatigue syndrome

Work on optimising your hormonal health and work on optimising your Thyroid and Adrenal glands. If you have adrenal burn-out, you might want to consider the CTM3 method, which is a breakthrough of Paul Robinson and helped me heal my adrenal glands again and he literally saved my life!

Considering experimenting with Ozone treatments which have been a great help in my recovery.

There are also lots of vitamin and minerals that can naturally support your thyroid, hormones and other body functions.

Try low dose naltrexone for chronic fatigue syndrome?

LDN (low dose naltrexone) a really fantastic wonder drug to help combat fatigue

During my research and from my own experiences, I also want to share some information about LDN (low dose naltrexone). I’m not a fan of drugs, however, sometimes we need them in small, wise and calculated doses. And this non-toxic medication is one of the few medications that I like. It can also be very helpful for people with Thyroid, Adrenal, Lyme and Chronic fatigue issues.

First, LDN is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Second, it can help elevate your mood and energy.

In the same time, it can also make you depressed when you take too much or when you combine it with gluten or dairy. These substances can turn into opiates in your brain, and LDN and opiates don’t go well together.

Low dose naltrexone, chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease

To point out, LDN and can be an excellent ally help combat, halt or even reverse autoimmune diseases and pain.

Tips for taking low dose naltrexone

In conclusion, as powerful as this drug is, I’ve learned that in my case, it’s super important to avoid gluten or dairy products entirely.
To clarify, this is because when you don’t assimilate these foods well, they can have similar effects on your brain as opiates.

Prior to starting yourself on LDN, or even discussing this with your MD, ensure to make enough research and join LDN groups on facebook, where you can get more information.

Nevertheless, again I repeat, LDN is a great non-toxic drug that I highly recommend.

Chronic fatigue: Utilising the power of bees for more energy and apitherapy

I came across apitherapy back in November 2016, when I was researching new ways to improve my health. I decided to give it a try as I felt a bit stuck. By December I had my first acupuncture session with live bees, and now, at the date of writing this chapter (July 2017) I can notice some really remarkable changes in my body.

For starters, I have way more energy and work long hours. My workout sessions have also significantly improved as has my recovery after. Furthermore,  I also noticed that I didn’t suffer from PMS during my last two cycles and I generally feel more positive.

Talking to doctors about chronic fatigue syndrome

Doctors often sneer at complaints of fatigue. Usually, because they can’t find a clear diagnosis in their medical books. It sometimes gets written off as a psychosomatic illness (they’ll claim it’s ‘It’s all in your head’.

Never give up and keep searching until you find a doctor that takes you seriously and that cares enough to help you find solutions.

It is your body, not your doctor’s: keep looking for an answer on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In many ways, you’re facing a condition in which you must do your own research –  after all, it’s your body, not your doctor’s.

We’ve been conditioned to trust doctors and to respect their years of study but even doctors make mistakes – they’ aren’t infallible.

Ideally, your doctor should listen to you and what you’re experiencing, believe you and then offer solutions.

Reach out to caring Doctors that help you get better.

Reach out to caring, well-informed, open-minded healthcare providers. Ideally, you would want a holistic, conventional, integrative, alternative, complementary-type of practitioner by your side, to help you get better. Your doctor should help you explore the range of thyroid treatments to find one that works best for you.  Return to your doctor, explain what’s happening (or not happening) and ask for an alternative.

Chronic fatigue: please don’t suffer in silence:

Please don’t suffer in silence Please don’t suffer in silence because you’re afraid of ‘bothering’ the doctor – this is their job! Be persistent, even if that means returning time and again until they prescribe something that’s effective. If you have a doctor, who refuses to listen, fire him or her and find another one! Don’t give up and remember; you’re not alone.

Remember, it’s in your best interests to insist on healing and solutions. If your doctor isn’t as concerned about your well-being as you expect, move on and seek and second, third, fourth, even hundredth opinion!

Ongoing health problems? I hope you will find inspirations from my health stories.

Finding answers to chronic illnesses is hard. I battled my illnesses for over 15 years, but I can proudly say: I made it and I came a long way.

If you have problems with ongoing fatigue, and or you haven’t felt well for a while, considering reading my chronic fatigue story and my about me pages. You could also browse my page about optimal health and holistic lifestyle here. 

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Good luck with your health!


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