Hair loss recovery story: losing hair was not an option

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Sharing my Hair loss recovery story

My hair loss recovery was challenging and very stressful in the beginning. 

My journey with holistic health and beauty began more than a decade ago when I started suffering from several health-related problems. Mainstream doctors couldn’t give me any answers so I started researching and learning about natural healing independently and became my own health warrior.

My decade plus healing journey towards wellness

During this decade-plus healing and hair loss recovery journey, I spent combatting my illnesses I accumulated a huge amount of knowledge. I read hundreds of books and spent thousands of hours looking into alternative therapies and natural remedies. I knew about practices and therapies that even an average doctor would have no idea about!

My Hair loss recovery Story

Have you ever heard or uttered the saying: ‘I’m having a bad hair day’? Chances are you’ve said it once in a while. Now imagine feeling like that all the time, with no way to fix it.

That’s how I felt a few years ago when my hair began to fall out and break off at an alarmingly fast rate. I was devastated, desperate and depressed. My hair had always been beautiful, shiny and bouncy, but I began to notice it was clogging the drain after I showered. 

The hairdresser made comments about the hair shedding 

My hairdresser also started to comment on how thin it had become over the years. I put it all in the back of my mind but every time I looked in the mirror the truth was undeniable – I was losing my hair. I was overcome with anger, shock and disbelief – I was only in my thirties yet the state of my hair looked like it belonged to someone much older. 

Losing my hair was not an option! 

It was unacceptable and I knew I had to do something about it. On top of that, I was already suffering from other health issues so the gradual loss of my hair was a massive blow to my self-esteem and state of mind. As my hair loss got worse I became obsessive about it, so I had to make a hair loss recovery plan. 

My lustrous bouncy hair was a distant memory 

I would constantly check for grey hairs in the mirror and visit my hairdresser on a bi-monthly basis to dye it. Then one day the light was shining on my hair while I looked in the mirror and I could see my scalp visible through my front hair. My heart stopped! My hair was receding and thinning drastically – there was no shine, volume or wave and it was also breaking off a lot. I can only say my lustrous, bouncy hair was a distant memory.

It was my hairdresser who recommended treating my hair with a protein shampoo but my hair loss only increased. Reading the shampoo label, I had the feeling I was reading through a book of chemicals. It didn’t sound right.

Looking deeper into what I was putting on my hair

I began to ask questions about the hair products I was using. I wondered about the colouring, the ammonia and other chemicals in those products.

Was it good for my hair…? The answer was clear.

I set up an appointment with a hair specialist 

As the anxiety about my hair grew, I set up an appointment with a hair specialist to get some answers. The diagnosis was that I was suffering from thinning hair, hair-shedding and a receding hairline. He recommended meso-therapy in his office and daily drops of Minoxidil for my scalp. Before I had time to think, I was leaving his office with a hefty fee of 400 Euro for the treatment. I wasn’t there more than 30 minutes…

He prescribed me toxic drugs! 

He also gave me some supplements but there was no label on the bottle, which set alarm bells off in my head – was this even legal?! I asked the doctor if there were drugs in the pills and he said, “No, only natural ingredients”. But then why no label? Was he hiding something?

That night I applied Minoxidil on my scalp as instructed, but I couldn’t sleep, I had an elevated pulse and felt nervous. It was awful.

Side effects of Minoxidil

The next morning, I researched the side effects of Minoxidil, and this is what I found. Unwanted facial/body hair, dizziness, fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, swelling of hands/feet, unusual weight gain, tiredness, difficulty breathing when lying down and more (yes, say whaaaaat?!?!? there are more side effects on top of all this!)

I did some more research on hair forums to see the effects of Minoxidil and although some have had success with it, many didn’t. Furthermore, when they stopped using Minoxidil, they lost even more hair!

Minoxidil in the garbage 

I’d heard enough – the Minoxidil crap went straight in the garbage, along with the dodgy unlabelled pills. I decided to go the natural route. This was what triggered me to dig deeper into natural, holistic haircare.

My hair means everything to me

Losing my hair was not an option and I was determined to save it! I started visiting health-forums and hair-loss websites and obsessively started researching health books, DIY haircare, tea-rinsing, holistic haircare, and thanks to one of my friends; I also started reading about dyeing hair with Henna.

Spotless diet for many years, but energy not optimal? Digging deeper …

Although my diet was spotless for many years, my energy still was not optimal. It turned out that my iron levels were much too low and my female hormones were also below average. Now my hair was falling out too. I had already cut out dairy, gluten and grains years ago, which gave me my life back.

So, although I was eating well, taking natural supplements, following a Paleo-Keto diet, and detoxing regularly, my energy was still not low and then on top of that I was now losing my hair. Why?

Supplementing with digestive enzymes and HCL 

While researching, I came across the concept of supplementing with digestive enzymes and HCL. You are what you absorb and not necessarily only what you eat! I’ve been taking these supplements for more than a year now.

My hair care routine in my hair loss recovery plan was paying off

In the past year and a half, I also swapped chemical hair dyes for natural henna. I also switched from toxic shampoos to healthy alternatives: tea rinsing, Ayurvedic hair powders, mild, non-toxic shampoos, scalp massages, oiling my hair, essential oils and using homemade hair serums and hair masks.

I’ve learned to appreciate my new haircare routine and it’s really paid off; today I’m happy to say that my hair is better than ever! My hair begun to regrow,  looks fuller, bouncier, shinier and silkier.

Receding hairline gradually filled up again! 

My once receding hairline gradually filled up (yessss!) and I am no longer applying any chemicals (phew!). I can see hairs shooting like grass through my scalp on several parts of my head. These little hairs all over are very visible immediately after washing. Also, when I comb my hair, I notice the rate of hair loss has dramatically slowed down.

My Hair looks now better than ever

I receive many compliments on my hair, and it looks better than ever! Full of shine, lustre, vibrancy and life. It’s exciting to know that you can bounce back from hair loss, hair breakage and dull lifeless hair. Restoring your health and hair takes time.

Dare to be your own doctor (while working with one you trust) 

See a doctor, but also be your own doctor. Nobody knows your body better than you do and everybody reacts differently to treatments. Please – don’t expect overnight miracles. It takes love, care and dedication. In my opinion, progress depends on the amount of dedication you put into it.

Personally, I would do anything to save my hair. Finally, to regrow your hair, you must be willing to put the time and effort into taking care of yourself. Take time out of your busy schedule to do the things that make YOU happy. Self-love means loving yourself enough to want to take care of your health and hair.

Being healthy is about finding the balance

Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that we’re all built differently and that there’s no ‘magic formula’. You’ll need to take on the information you learn here and see what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s all about finding the balance.

Benefits of a holistic lifestyle are countless! 

There are so many amazing benefits of living a natural and holistic lifestyle but nothing good ever comes easy and there’s no quick fix. It took me years to get where I am today so don’t be disheartened of you’re having a bad day or if you fall off the wagon.

The important thing is that you continue to get up and try again. I promise that if you take small, consistent steps every day you will see the results and reap those wonderful benefits.

A long ride, but a grateful health journey! 

I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve been through and I want to share my knowledge with you all. Losing my hair was devastating for me, and if I hadn’t found an answer to it, I would have ended up in a downward spiral of depression.

Looking back now to what I learned, I wouldn’t want it to be any different. It led me to a healthy, non-toxic and happy haircare routine.

Ditch toxic chemicals!  

If you’re feeling tox-sick from the amount of toxins we’re being bombarded with and if you want to protect yourself and your family from then this is the site for YOU!

If you have ongoing hair problems or are curious about natural hair care, herbal hair colouring, increasing health-energy, positive well-being and leading a holistic lifestyle then this is the place to bookmark!

Thank you so much for reading about my journey. If I can even help just one reader it will be a huge achievement for me. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning and discovery!

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After a frustrating decade of battling several chronic illnesses, I became disillusioned with the medical system and decided to take my health into my own hands.

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