Natural hair care products for luscious beautiful hair

natural hair care

My switch to natural hair care products 

First, I switched to all natural hair care products after my hair had begun falling out and breaking off at an alarmingly fast rate. 

Natural hair care routine for beautiful hair 

Second, Switching to an all natural hair care routine is one of the best things I have done to save my hair. Third, not only did it save my hair from falling, it gave me beautiful hair on top.

Awareness for toxic chemicals on the rise 

With increased awareness of chemicals in commercial shampoos, many people have switched to natural hair care products. These include holistic shampoos and conditioners.

These natural hair care products nourish the hair and without toxic chemicals.  Ayurveda remedies are time-tested and proven to be best for hair. Besides that, they heal the scalp and beautify hair.

As a matter of fact, natural hair care products involve but isn’t limited to, the use of botanicals, cold-pressed, steam-distilled extracts, henna, vegetable oils and wild-harvested ingredients.

How to get healthy, shiny hair using natural hair care products and organic ingredients

In the first place, one of the commitments of this blog is to share the best natural hair care products. This includes styling, washing, conditioning and improving the glow and appearance of your hair.

My favourite Ayurvedic shampoos and hair wash powders 

These natural haircare products combat hair loss and add shine, lustre and bounce to your hair. As the scalp and hair need a variety of nutrients, I try to switch my ingredients and products around.

Learn about the natural hair care products I love that are and safe and effective and will help you inject shine, lustre, bounce and life into your hair and appearance.

The best holistic Shampooing with Ayurvedic herbs

First, when it comes to shampooing, I like to use a combination of natural herbs. My favourites are Shikakai, Reetha, Amla, Gotu Kola and Bhringaraj.

I begin by mixing one-part Shikakai powder (50%) and the rest of the mixture is Reetha, Gotu Kola, Amla and Bhringaraj.

Nevertheless, I always stick to reverse washing my hair with oils, this is an essential part of my natural hair care routine.

Shikakai powder: herbal cleanser and hair loss preventative

As a matter of fact, Shikakai has been used for centuries in Asia for hair health.  It cleans hair and prevents hair loss.  Besides, it also treats dandruff, which can be difficult for some people to get rid of. Dandruff is also known to cause hair loss. Massaging this powder into your hair can promote new hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

Typically, Shikakai powder is added to water and then massaged into the hair and scalp. To enjoy the full benefits, leave the powder on your hair 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Shikakai, Reetha, and Amla can be mixed to produce a moisturising, nourishing natural shampoo or cleanser. I use this combination once or twice a week and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. I always use Shikakai powder to wash my hair before tinting it with Henna. My Khadi Henna products also contain many other herbs to treat hair such as Amla, Bhringaraj, Jatropha, Neem and Shikakai.

Shikakai powder is a herb that is part of my natural hair care routine as they make my hair luscious, strong and beautiful!

Amla or Indian Gooseberry: healing food for strong and beautiful hair

Amla is a berry that grows in Asia.  It’s also known as Indian Gooseberry. Centuries of tradition have taught Indian people the nutritive benefits that Amla has on the hair.

Indian people also view amla as an anti-ageing herb and Ayurvedic practitioners believe that regular intake of Amla prevents the ageing process and contributes to strong and beautiful hair.

Amla contains thousands of nutrients and is more potent than pomegranates and acai.  It has 17 times the antioxidants of pomegranates and twice that of acai berries.

It also contains amino acids, minerals and vitamin C in high concentrations.  It’s also known to contain ellagic acid, emblicanin A and B, gallic acid, kaempferol, and quercetin.

Reetha; Queen of Saponins: a great natural cleanser

Reetha is a fruit that has been used in soaps for centuries. It’s natural cleansing properties were discovered many years ago, and through the ages, it was employed in many capacities.

Those suffering from hair loss will love Reetha.  It’s great for the hair because it is an anti-microbial and an anti-inflammatory herb.  Both of these qualities mean it can be used to heal scalp problems without causing harm.

Saponins that naturally occur in Reetha bring about natural foaming and effervescence.  This helps removes stubborn grease from hair and skin on contact.

Those who suffer allergies to parabens and sulphates can use Reetha as an alternative to soaps and shampoos. All safe and effective ingredients. They make your hair beautiful, strong and healthy!

Ditch chemical hair dyes and replace it with natural Henna DYE

Treating your hair naturally also means applying natural colouring agents, rather than the store-bought hair dye boxes (that are laden with nasty chemicals). Henna dye is a great alternative. Not only does it allow you to create an array of tones for your hair, but it also deeply nourishes it and is completely natural. A friend recommended using it, and I haven’t looked back since! You could also try a ‘tea rinse’ to naturally dye your hair. This technique nourishes the hair, but when it comes to colouring, I haven’t been blown away.

Colouring my hair with henna powders is one of my favourite parts of my hair care routine. 

Essential oils are part of my natural hair care routine:

Your herbal medicine that comes straight from the earth.

First, essential oils are nature in its most powerful form and are your herbal medicine that comes straight from the earth.  Second, the aromatic liquids are extracted from certain roots, flowers, grasses, fruits leaves and trees. Third, essential oils go through a delicate process of creation. In addition, they are very concentrated and contain hundreds of unique compounds.

Every single essential oil serves many diversified purposes. They work on the cellular, physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetical and physical level. This is invaluable.

Why essential oils should be part of your natural hair care routine for beautiful hair

In Modern day times, scientific research confirms eras of effective uses. Essential oils enter and leave the body with great efficiency. In addition, they leave no toxins floating. Averagely they contain a hundred different components such as esters, aldehydes, ketones, terpenes, and phenols. More new components continue to be discovered. During my research, I learned that essential oils are derived from phenylpropane, which is the precursor of amino acids.

As we learned on other pages of this website, amino-acids are the building blocks for nearly every cell in our body. This is from the smallest molecules such as an enzyme to the make-up of our brain, organs and entire skeleton,

Essential oils increase the blood flow in our bodies. This increase improves the effectiveness of our immune system. In return blood viscosity decreases. There is not one part of our entire body that is not benefiting from improved blood-circulation.

Imagine how beneficial these essential oils can be for your health, beauty, mind, body, soul and beautiful hair too.

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Safe natural hair care ingredients in shampoos and conditioners

*Parts of this natural hair care products ingredients list have been reproduced by organic and non -toxic haircare company

Evening Primrose Oil for beautiful hair 

Did you know that the human body can’t produce fatty acids? That’s why it’s so important to ensure we get it from our food, supplements and even shampoo! Evening Primrose oil is packed with fatty acids, such as gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which is incredibly potent and can help to prevent hair loss.

Green Coffee Extract for scalp stimulation 

This antioxidant is slowly gaining momentum as the ‘next big thing’ and rightly so! Rich in Phytosterols, green coffee can act as a scalp stimulant. Besides, it can also help treat hair loss and thinning, as well as reducing inflammation.

Hemp Seed Oil to help prevent split ends 

The oil extracted from hemp seeds are excellent for moisturising hair and can help prevent split ends and breakage, especially if you have very long hair.

Hibiscus Petals hair growth stimulant and conditioner 

Hibiscus petal is an Ayurvedic ingredient, commonly used as a hair growth stimulant. Especially when combined with Amla it makes a wonderful conditioner.

Japanese Bloodgrass to keep hair nourished and soft 

This ingredient contains potassium which helps keep hair nourished and super soft.

Lactic Acid removes dead skin cells from the scalp 

You might have heard of this ingredient as it’s usually used to make milk sour, through the fermentation of lactose. Did you know it also makes an exfoliant for removing dead skin cells from the scalp and a pH adjuster for our shampoo.

Regularly use Gotu Kola on the scalp and internal

Gotu Kola, also known as Brahmi, can be used as a massage oil for the scalp.  Gotu kola is a herb that has been used for centuries.  Traditional cultures have used it to treat all kinds of conditions – internal and external.  Simply add it to one of your favourite oils and apply to your scalp.

Emu Oil, a soft anti-inflammatory treasure that can deeply penetrate into the scalp 

Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory that’s absorbed well by human skin and can contribute to a healthy scalp as it can penetrate deep within. And, as an emulsifier, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily.

Ginger stimulating blood flow and healthy hair growth 

Ginger is excellent for hair growth as it has a stimulating impact on blood flow when applied to the scalp. It increases blood flow and carries nutrients that assist with healthy hair growth. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory.

Lavender essential oil for healthy scalp 

Lavender oil can be applied to any type of hair.  It is mild and soothing, and often helps prevent hair loss and encourages hair growth. Lavender oil works by moisturising the scalp and balancing sebum production, which makes it popular for dandruff control and for treating scalp acne that might be complicated by a bacterial or fungal infection.  It’s also an antiseptic and an antimicrobial.

Rose water to stabilise PH balance for hair and scalp 

Rose water stabilises the pH balance of hair, helping to repair any damage. It also reduces dandruff from fungal infections.  In addition to all of the above, rose water is an anti-inflammatory with natural antiseptic properties.

Orange blossom water to strengthen the hair 

Orange blossom water is a natural ingredient that is used in various hair care products. As well as having a beautiful scent it can be used to condition and strengthen hair, and to make hair shiny and lustrous.

My home-made Aloe Vera Serum that shoots your hair like grass through your scalp. (in combination with diet and other lifestyle importance’s!)

Aloe Vera, all-round healing master for hair loss 

Aloe Vera contains many healing properties and is an important part of a holistic treatment for hair loss. It’s an excellent ingredient to maintain a healthy scalp and is conducive to prevent hair loss. For centuries Aloe Vera has been used to cure ailments.  If you’re in search of a natural remedy for hair loss try applying Aloe Vera and you’ll begin to see results after just six months!

Aloe Vera also helps eliminate seborrhoea and dandruff.  It stimulates hair growth, unclogs hair pores, and keeps scalp and hair moisturised. You can also use Aloe Vera to balance the pH of hair and to improve its appearance. This amazing ingredient is on my weekly haircare routine program.

Peppermint essential oil to regrow hair. 

Peppermint has cooling properties that help to calm and soothe you.  As a scent, it offers calm to the nervous system.  It can also be used to soothe and calm hair and skin. Peppermint essential oil is also fantastic to regrow hair and fight off hair loss

Castor oil has many health benefits 

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds and has many health benefits, including reinforcing your immune system. If you suffer from rheumatism or menstrual disorders you can also use castor oil to help treat them.

Neroli wrinkle bustling Queen

Once thought of as an elite, exotic oil, Neroli has been used for decades by many to soothe rashes, and to reduce scars and stretch marks.  The anti-oxidant properties of this rich oil encourage healthy cell growth, boosts and revitalises dull looking hair, and helps treat dermatitis and scalp irritations.

In many ways, Neroli is a woman’s best friend. It reduces wrinkles and conditions skin, as well as helps with matters of the heart (it’s thought to be an aphrodisiac that alleviates sexual tension).

Rosehip Oil to fight hair loss 

Antioxidants occur naturally in rosehip oil, which allows it to fight those hair-loss causing oxidants.  Free radicals cause oxidants to build up from just about everything your hair is exposed to second-hand smoke, pollution, the environment and stress.

Rosemary essential oil improves blood circulation 

Rosemary essential oil has many benefits for your hair. Most notably, it reverses premature greying and thinning.  Packed with antioxidants, rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles and improves blood circulation when applied to the scalp.

Geranium essential oil is astringent and diuretic 

Geranium essential oil has a long list of beneficial effects on our health.  It can be used to balance hormones, reduce stress and alleviate depression.  Moreover, it also works as a deodorant, astringent and diuretic.  Along with all the qualities above, it’s great for the skin and hair.

Copaiba oil essential oil to combat hair loss 

Copaiba is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, is very soothing, prevent fungal growth, and only, therefore, it is an excellent oil to treat your hair and to combat hair loss. It also improves the health of the skin, tightens the skin, lowers blood pressure, and can improve the bladder function. Besides, this great oil and it has a sweet smell and a soft texture.

Basil essential oil, an excellent anti-inflammatory

First, Basil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps the scalp by increasing blood flow when massaged in.  Poor circulation is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Like most ingredients with these properties, it kick-starts the hair follicles and gets them functioning again. Furthermore, Basil oil is also an excellent source of magnesium which helps rejuvenate and strengthen hair follicles and shaft

Basil contains eugenol – an anti-inflammatory ingredient.  It also contains two flavonoids called, orientin and vicenin, these are antioxidants that protect the hair and cell structure.

Chamomile essential oils, soothing your senses with its beautiful sweet, herbaceous aroma

Chamomile is a plant used all over the world for food and drink.  Besides, it can also be used on hair to add shine. Chamomile is ideal for those who have thin hair or for those who have noticed their hair is starting to thin. Besides its cooling properties also prevents hair loss caused by inflammation.

Scalp inflammation can often cause cell damage.  Chamomile treats inflammation and restores the scalp to a healthy state. On top of that, it has a beautiful sweet, herbaceous aroma

Carrot Seed Essential Oil nutrient-rich beauty

Carrot essential oil is nutrient-rich and highly beneficial in promoting new hair growth. Distilled from wild carrots, this essential oil can be used to balance out the sebum in the scalp.  It detoxifies and cleanses it, creating a healthy environment for renewed hair growth.

Ylang Ylang essential oil balances sebum and strengthens hair follicles.

Ylang ylang oil balances sebum and strengthens hair by reinforcing the hair shaft.  With consistent use, you will experience stronger, thicker hair.  You can also use ylang-ylang on your scalp to treat dandruff, as it has antiseptic properties that will tackle the root of the condition. Furthermore, Ylang Ylang oil is also said to work as an aphrodisiac.

Cedarwood essential oil, a powerful ally for hair loss.

Did you know that Cedarwood is a powerful treatment for alopecia and other types of hair loss? It balances the oils on the scalp so that it’s not too dry or too greasy.  Besides, Cedarwood is also an excellent treatment for dandruff.

You’ll want to use Cedarwood oil for its gorgeous scents alone.  If you are suffering from hair loss, use Cedarwood to stimulate your scalp.  Massage it in, and it will naturally seep down to your hair follicles.

Finally, if you suffer from any hair loss issues related to your immune system or bacteria, give Cedarwood a try.

Clary Sage essential oil, a natural solution for healthy hair.

First, Clary Sage provides a natural solution for promoting healthy hair.  Second, It’s a general-purpose treatment that can be applied to any hair type.  Furthermore, it regenerates cells and hair follicles, which ultimately leads to hair growth.

Besides, some research has shown that Clary Sage can balance oestrogen levels in the skin of older women.  However, there are no published reports on the side effects of using clary sage so consult a doctor, and use with caution in pregnant women and children.

From today, chose natural hair care products and DITCH the chemicals!

  • Natural hair care products must be made with 70-100% organic content
  • No sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs
  • No genetically modified organism (GMOs)
  • Essential oils and extracts of plants should be certified organic when possible
  • All essential oils must be steam-distilled rather than extracted with propylene glycol (which kills the effect of the oils)
  • Go for cold-pressed ingredients, not heat distilled (which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils)
  • All ingredients must be proven beneficial to hair or skin
  • All ingredients are best wild-crafted and as biodegradable as possible.
  • No mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol, PEG, ALES, chemical fragrances, polycyclic musks, GMO NO petroleum/paraffin wax, parabens, ethanolamine, SLES, synthetic dye, phthalates, synthetic retinol, animal testing, nature identical
  • Ditch artificial colours, fragrances or fillers

Empowering others via my anti-ageing wellness platform and holistic health books

I hope you liked this natural hair care products page. If you would like to learn more about my tips and tricks on how to live a toxin-free life or how I saved my hair from falling ensure to check out other pages of this anti-ageing wellness platform.

For a few years I suffered from thinning, lifeless hair that was falling out at a rapid rate.

Enough was enough – I decided to take drastic action and switched to a completely natural, non-toxic, healthy and holistic haircare and health routine. The results were astounding, and after a lot of hard work, my hair is now healthier and glossier than ever before!

Now, through my holistic wellness books and anti-ageing health platform, I want to empower people around the world do the same and regain their health, hair, life, vitality and beauty!

For more inspiration, you can read my hair loss recovery story or if you want to know why your hair is falling, ensure to check out the 55 hair loss causes page. 


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